High Progesterone / Very high pregnenolone

Hi everyone.
I’m new on this forum and I hope my english won’t be so bad.
I post about high progesterone because I didn’t find something about it and would like to know if other guys are in the same position.
I got:

-> High progesterone
-> Very high pregnenolone
-> High SHBG, High cortisol
-> My testosterone is ok. Max of the range.

My Estradiol slightly increase and dht slightly decrease but still in the normal range.
I feel like a woman and my skin is thinner. Facial swelling too, like water retention… and less virility.
I think it’s the combination of high progesterone with the dht that decrease slowly.

Are there same cases here ? In order to help each others :slight_smile:

I am not sure about progesterone but I also have high testosterone with high shbg

How high is shbg for you guys?

Mine was the highest most docs have seen. 155.

What do you take for it ?

I don’t remember…

mine was 119.7