High liver enzyme ALT - Need help

My ALT keeps going up. It’s now at 114.
Can someone please help me. I’m not eating unhealthily. I’m not drinking alcohol. I’m exercising. What am I doing wrong?

I think I’ll try a low-carb Keto diet next, but if that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what else I can do.

How long you off finasteride? My liver enzymes were elevated both times after coming off but they eventually normalized on their own without me doing anything

A bit over 3 months.
Something is taxing my liver. I’ll try keto diet and see if there’s a difference.

I can’t remember how soon I got blood work after quitting but it was also a few months. I would guess that yours will eventually go back to normal too

Do you remember when your liver enzymes went back to normal?

I think I got it retested a few weeks later and it was fine

Thanks. I feel super stressed about this, which probably isn’t helping my overall health.

I’ll test keto and exercise a bit harder to see if it helps.
Strangely, I ate a no carb dinner just now, and I actually feel full. Previously, I never felt full.

Just be aware that drastic diets, especially keto, can actually raise liver enzymes (just saw this by googling keto liver enzyme). I think just eating generally healthier and laying off alcohol will get those enzymes back where you need them from my experience

Right. I’ll test it out for a couple of weeks to see how I feel.
Hope to report back with some improvements.

Same thing happened with my I think it was a breakdown of muscles that was overtaxing my liver

That could make sense, but I feel my muscle wastage stopped over a month ago. My thighs also seem bigger since I started jogging. Could there be residual effect between muscle breakdown and high ALT?

Did your ALT ever recover?

I noticed that you also suffer from back pain, similar to me. Maybe my muscles still are breaking down, notably my back muscles. Is there anything you’ve done to help your back muscles?

It’s hard to make an observation of muscle breakdown, I didn’t notice until 9 months after crashing that I had lost a significant amount. My elevated liver enzymes did eventually subside

I do recall losing a lot of muscles early on, but I suspect this was due to large hormonal shifts in the first couple of months, specifically lower testosterone, since I was unable to have nocturnal erections.
I believe the wastage stopped a couple of months ago when my nocturnal erections returned.

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Being overweight, using cholesterol medication (statins or niacin) can cause this except hepatitis… I also have high alt caused by niacin…

When muscle breakdown happens it usually measured by creatinine kinase.

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I used to weigh more and have normal ALT levels pre-fin. I did have more muscles, though.

Check supplements That you used try to look for which effects cholesterol levels. Also what did you do or drink before the test might effect results

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No supplements. The only thing I can think of is the egg I eat every morning.

That’s also what I do… I mostly eat eggs without bread make a retest after 12h fasting.

Dude relax please…You really have some issues with worrying about every little detail…
If you recovered all other PFS symptoms consider yourself very lucky, becuz i can tell you something my man…114 ALT is nothing to worry about…You have to check it again in a couple of months, and if its still high, you might want to check with a liver doctor…Are you a little bit overweight?..Its the most common cause for abnormal Liver enzymes…I wouldnt really worry about it before 2 or 3 months have gone…Where do you live btw?.If you live in a shi…y country, talk to me and i would tell you what tests you are supposed to order, but otherwise any internist would be able to do some tests to rule out anything more serious