High LH, and Low FSH

I noticed in my most recent lab test, strangely, I have High LH (which is almost out of range), and Low FSH (almost out of range). Which is strange, since most lab tests indicate low LH and low FSH in PFS patients.

Does anyone know what’s happening under these circumstances? I’ve noticed that some physicians give patients hCG (synthetic LH) to raise LH, but in my case that does not seem to actually need to be done since my LH is actually higher than usual.

My blood tests also indicate an increase in Estrogen (in range, maybe high):

Decrease in Free Testosterone (in range, low):

And regular Testosterone levels (in range):

My Prolactin is also all over the place (out of range, note that this did actually drop to 11.51 on the last day of July):

Bonus tests, DHT and Progesterone (in range):

Did you happened to take the tests closer to waking up? Something they forget to tell you is that you should be awake at least a couple of hours before taking the tests.

If you more or less wake up and go get tested, you’d get a higher LH and prolactin value.

Yes, this was first thing in the morning at around 8:30. Since for testosterone, that needs to be first thing in the morning, and I had a bunch of the other tests that needed to be done.

Did not know I had to wait till later for LH. Makes sense now that prolactin dropped to 11 when I took the test in late July at 10:30 AM

Even so though, to me it does seem a bit high, but I’m not a doctor so I’m not sure.

Actually you’re supposed to take the tests before 10 AM but you want to be awake 2-3 hours before taking them.

So for example get out of bed at 7 AM, get tested 9 AM.

You want to be fasted so no breakfast until after getting tested. And also try to replicate the same routine every test.

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I had no idea! I’ll try to do that next time

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Latest tests: