High dosages..?

Hi guys,

Has anyone ever heard of anyone recovering after being on a very high dose?

I was put on 150MG of Sertraline aged 21 by my lovely doctors and I cold turkeyed them a half a year later.

Feeling so alone because anytime I read about people discussing their dosages, it’s usually much much lower than what I was on

How old are you now?

How many years did you take sertraline?

I’m 27. I took Sertraline for about half a year

usually cold turkey is what creates problems for users of finasteride, isotretinoin, SSRIs, etc. Researchers think a VERY LONG and SLOW taper down can help.


I know, but I’ve already cold turkeyed them in 2014. Not tried any meds since due to this. Anyone else out there take a ridiculously high dosage of meds? SSRIs or otherwise, and feel ok?

I feel so alone in this because people report issues after 1mg etc and I’m here after 150mg which is huge for a small woman

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It does not matter how much or how little you took or when.

Right you need support and pyschological help–not psychiatry or psychiatric drugs.

Please go see a trusted friend who can help you get to a therapist or clinical social worker or psychologist, not psychiatrist.

Start googling books on ACT DBT CBT and REBT to help yourself in the meantime. I know all thjis from experience. You have to re focus on the right things, not dosages/meds/your past/etc. Trust me.

Hey Laurie, I wouldn’t worry about the dosage as it doesn’t seem to matter at all. It’s more about genetics. Try not to think of it as something you could have avoided as these doctors give out massive doses with no problems a lot of the time. People can be hospitalised for violent reactions to even the smallest dose as they can’t metabolise the drug or just have incompatible brain chemistry.
Just keep looking forward, not back x

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This is not the case at least for Finasteride. Tapering is borderline impossible owing to the near flat response that the drug has when it comes to dose and response.