High Cortisol - Extremely High Please Help


My Saliva cortisol test has just come back and morning cortisol is off the charts.

8 AM - 6 - 21 = 38.1 nmol
12 Noon - 1.5 - 7.6 = 5.64 nmol
4 PM - 0 - 5.5 = 8.25 nmol
10 PM - 0 - 2 = 1.83 nmol

It’s no wonder I feel constantly wired all the time and awake. My 12 noon level could be lower due to eating a heavy meal for breakfast. I take 50mg B6 in the evening which may explain why this cortisol reading is in range.

Before this latest crash I had low cortisol and had been diagnosed with CFS now my body has completely reversed.

Has anyone found that high cortisol has reversed by itself?


Saliva cortisol is worthless, most peoples spike when they see a needs. Do a 24 hour urinary and if it is high you need to figure out why… in my case it was many things but focusing on adaptogens, cortef, and especially ridding body of infections and parasites helped my adrebnals so much


You really think the saliva testing is useless?


Thanks @moonman1 do you have anymore information/links on ridding the body of infections/parasites?


Are there any safe drugs for lowering cortisol? Mifepristone and Nizoral both lower testosterone.


Ashwaghanda? Also read DHEA can counteract cortisol

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I believe phosphatidylserine is another supplement to look into for lowering cortisol

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Before I crashed I had low cortisol and a few weeks after I crashed I have high cortisol. This makes no sense to me.


I have had high cortisol in blood tests and saliva testing that showed low cortisol all day and night and a urine test that apparently was fine so idk either man


Appreciate the advice @Lostinaustin I felt extremely wired when I crashed the first month and this feeling has improved. It now makes sense that cortisol was causing this but it’s still way too high and is affecting my sleep.


All I can think of for now is try not to exercise too close to bed as this causes an Acute rise in cortisol and try some of the things i suggested before bed. Just make sure it’s not antiandrogenic I guess. I’m a pretty mild and constant pfs case in the sense that a lot of mildly antiandrogenic substances don’t really make me worse, but everyone is different. I’m currently trialing 10mg of DHEA before bed and I feel pretty good today, but my adrenal condition could be different from yours


My DHEA is already at the top of the range. Before my crash anti androgens had little affect, now I’m not too sure. I suppose the sugar in fruit could spike cortisol.


Sorry man, I read it as blood but still somehow typed saliva. No its not useless. I’d definitely look into Rhodoila. Might be worth testing out pregnenolone as well and checking out your estrogen levels.


Thanks @moonman1 I thought prog was used for low cortisol. Estrogen is mid range and when I eat estrogen foods my voice drops and I become stressed/sad. Rhodoila - if it affects gaba those supplements make me crash.


preg can help oppose estrogen at least that has happened in my case. high estrogen raises adrenaline and cortisol in my case as well.

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Try stopping all supplements and avoid and 5AR inhibiting foods. See how you feel after a couple of weeks…

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