Hi, I'm a Woman

well the research is being done on the mechanism of the anti androgen syndrome in general so im not sure how this will vary when it comes to females.

as for recovery, right now personally all i know is that if you recovery naturally thats probably your only chance.

if you try to take substances to recover, chances are nothing will happen, and you will be at risk to get worse

most dont recover

https:///forum.propeciahelp.com/t/effect-of-palmitoylethanolamide-pea-partially-inhibited-byfinasteride-theory/4891 I saw this on the Site. I don’t want to take medication, but the pain is too great.

as I said before the pain I have is too strong. I tried to bear it but it is really too much. If you have advice on natural remedies are welcome.

so far there are zero known natural remedies.

most things people try, makes them worse

On the forum, however, I read about people who have benefited from the use of some supplements. It’s true, it would be better not to take anything and wait for the body to find its balance over time, but in the face of such a debilitating symptom I am forced to addict the Pelvilen. Let’s just hope I have a really bad infection, but my sixth sense is never wrong, I think it’s pudendo neuropathy. If only this had not happened, I would simply follow a dietand do sports, as I was doing before the acute pain

taking supplements is playing russian roulette.

most people do not get better from them.

many people get worse, especially if the supplement has anti androgenic properties such as vitamin D supplements, b12, 5htp and many more.

if i take b12 and vitamin D, nothing happens to me.

however, there are many people here that get worse from both of them.

i have gotten worse from 5htp PERMANENTLY.

you are seriously risking your life trying to find a supplement that helps you

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Some herbs that I recommend you never take: saw palmetto (obviously), acai, stinging nettle, spurge nettle, fenugreek, milk thistle, lobelia.

Various forums mention using fenugreek and milk thistle to increase lactation/milk production in women, but don’t trust it.

I do not doubt that it is dangerous to integrate to get better. Until a few days ago I did not take anything, but this new pain that has arisen invalidates my life, if I do not take a sedative I can not even sleep. And if you don’t sleep, it gets worse. If you have any advice on how to deal with this without outside help, they are welcome! But I also see that you supplement, you take vitamin B12 and D. And you got worse with tryptophan. So why did you take it? I know you want to look at me and thank you. I don’t know what to do. I’ll try not to take anything and see if the pain is bearable… I’ll see a doctor soon.

thanks for the advice! I will stay away from these substances. I was on a paleo diet, but now I’m forced to change it because of the suspected vulvodina. Really, I’m so bitter about this new thing, I can’t understand this worsening. Men who have had painful prostatitis here, how did they deal with it?

I mean, I need help with neuropathic pain if I’m gonna sleep and recover. Many Finasteride users have sleep problems, I have never had, since the first day I had the “crash” I am very sorry that you feel bad about the palmetto. Did you use it in tablets? SP is very similar to Finasteride but not the same thing, so the doctors told me. Yet both cause the same problems. The only thing that can help us is just a healthy life and time… but only for those who are not a serious case, but. You speak of loneliness, I also feel very alone as a woman… Do you have any idea what it’s like to talk about a male issue? have no other women to deal with? Sometimes I feel really desperate but I have to be strong. The family doesn’t support me very much ( and this is something that I have seen in many stories :the family doesn’t realize the gravity of the thing) I hope that you are loved and despite the illness you could achieve in life. Sorry if my English is not perfect, I repeat, I use a translator.

If you feel you have no choice but to attempt symptom management with some drug or supplement, it may be worth your time to search its name on this forum first to see the record of how other post-drug patients reacted to it. Many seemingly harmless things have made members here worse.

Hi! I’ve already done the research, some men have benefited, some have had headaches… It’s all very subjective. What anger! I’ll try to halve the dose and see how it goes, I pray the pain passes by itself.
But is there a list of “safe” remedies?

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It’s understandable. If no one here reported anything worse than headaches, I suppose you can expect the same. It’s always a risk though. We don’t have a list of safe/unsafe treatments here because it’s always an uncertainty.

Do you mind sharing what it is that you intend to try?

I used SP in liquid form, no tablets. It did make my sleep worse too. That eventually improved, luckily. Even normal people who have no trouble sleeping will start to have problems sleeping when in pain.

There are women on this forum who have similar issues you could speak to:

@Duby_B: She mentioned Pelvilen earlier, so I think that is what she is referring to.

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i dont take any supplements regularly.

but if i do take vitamin d and b12, nothing happens to me.

i took b12 for a few weeks just recently and im completely fine.

i took 5htp many years ago to help me sleep as i have sleep problems from this disease. i do not take it anymore. i take hydroxyzine HCL to help me sleep at night

unfortunately many people such as yourself experience a lot of pain. i believe you are stronger than you believe yourself to be and can bear it until a cure comes around.

we are making a lot of progress, very fast as of recently. push yourself to hold on and bear the pain you have right now. you might recovery naturally, but even if you don’t, your priority should be to survive and NOT get WORSE until the cure comes.

i know that you can do it, but you have to believe in yourself

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@Lady86, don’t fret over the PFS research being conducted on men only. There’s nothing to suggest a different mechanism exists for this condition between men and women. Same symptoms, different parts in a few places. At least, that’s how I view it, and I have spoken to several other women with a post-drug syndrome who simply explained their sexual/genital symptoms as the “female equivalent of descriptions of PFS.”

At face value, Pelvilen does appear to be an ideal treatment for in treating pelvic pain and inflammation specifically. Just be aware that it contains an unsaturated fatty acid, and many unsaturated fatty acids have been shown to have anti-androgenic effects.

A couple pieces of information about one of the active constituents of Pelvilen, palmitoylethanolamide:

It increases 5-ar-type-I, DHP, and allopregnanolone in the brain:

Stimulation of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-α by N-Palmitoylethanolamine Engages Allopregnanolone Biosynthesis to Modulate Emotional Behavior

But it has also been shown to have anti-androgenic effects, decreasing DHT levels, 5-ar-type-II, and AR in prostate tissue:

Palmitoylethanolamide /Baicalein Regulates the Androgen Receptor Signaling and NF-κB/Nrf2 Pathways in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

3. Results

3.1. Effect of um-PEA/Baic on Testosterone and DHT levels and 5α-red 2, AR and PSA Expression

It is known that testosterone is converted into DHT by the action of 5α-red 2. Therefore, we evaluated levels of testosterone and DHT both in serum and in prostate tissues. Serum levels of testosterone (Figure 1A) and DHT (Figure 1B) levels were markedly elevated in BPH rats and after treatment with Baic alone. Daily administration of um-PEA and even more um-PEA/Baic considerably reduced the levels of both androgens, comparable to the BPH group (Figure 1A,B). Similar results were observed also in prostate homogenates, as shown in panel 1C for testosterone and 1D for DHT levels.

Additionally, we evaluated 5α-red 2 expression in all groups by Western blot analysis. Basal expression of 5α-red 2 was detected in prostate tissue from sham animals; on the contrary, it was significantly increased in the BPH group. The oral treatment with um-PEA/Baic at 10 mg/kg, more than um-PEA alone at 9 mg/kg, substantially reduced 5α-red 2 expression. Baic at 1 mg/kg did not produce any significant reduction (Figure 1E,H).

Further, AR and PSA, which play an essential role in prostate development, were examined by Western blot. Consistently, AR (Figure 1F,I) and PSA (Figure 1G,J) expression were elevated after BPH induction compared to the sham group. Daily treatment with um-PEA was able to reduce both AR and PSA levels, but um-PEA/Baic showed a better effect compared to um-PEA alone. Conversely, Baic at 1 mg/kg did not show any significant changes compared to vehicle.

Point being, this stuff messes with hormone levels, androgenic signalling , and steroidogenic enzymes, much like many of the other substances that have been noted to cause PFS. Take this into consideration, take caution, and please share the outcome of your treatment using a self-reporting template if you choose to go through with it.

I’m one of those people who thought to myself “it can’t get any worse and I have to try something, anything, that might help.” Went many years trying many different things that had no effect, or only a slight effect. Then, eventually tried something that made me much worse for almost a year and still has mild lingering effects on my sleep.


I have endured a lot in life (including physical pain due to other reasons) I was desperate at first now I am trying to make myself strong. I was improving a lot, then this pain came. I just hope I don’t get any more symptoms. My sleep was never altered by the Saw palmetto, curious.

Thank you so much for your research on Pelvilen. These days I was documenting on a possible natural remedy, I am in contact with girls who suffer from this disorder, some locally use hypericum oil. The pain seems to have almost disappeared, if necessary, I will use the supplement only extreme cases (until now I have no side effects) there are a lot of antiandrogen substances even in food, I did not think. In any case, a positive attitude is necessary if you want to get out of this bad situation, or face it better. I wonder if the women you talked to have been able to have a healthy pregnancy, you know, that’s something I’ve always thought about. I have read many recovery stories here on the site, this bodes well for me.

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The only younger woman I discussed the topic of pregnancy with said she wasn’t interested in having children while she has symptoms of PAS. Some women have blamed Accutane for their infertility too.

Have read one anecdote where a woman with PSSD got pregnant and had temporary remission of symptoms during her pregnancy, but I don’t know her personally. Also, ignoring the stark difference in reproductive systems for a moment, there have been a few male members of this forum who said they fathered healthy children.

Sorry, I don’t have enough information to even guess what the situation will be for you. Only suggesting it’s possible for a woman with this condition to have children.

Hi guys!
this is my last post, because I had a second crash that made me get much worse. I will explain what happened, if you should answer me, please don’t judge me or insult me with words like “stupid” “idiot”.

Despite sports and good nutrition, my cortisol increased more and more, so to help me ( also on medical advice) I decided to take a supplement that contained Rhodiola Rosea. Let me make a premise: from the beginning of PFS I had no problems with supplements (I took PEA for neuropathic pain, vitamin D and C that only brought me benefits , I was lacking in both) about Rhodiola, I had read well here on the forum, Many men have had benefits from this plant, I have not found any negative experience.
So I took, in a week, only three pills (I didn’t want to take much for safety)
This is where the drama begins.
I had a pain in my chest, I stopped immediately. But new symptoms appeared to me like joint pain, muscle pain, pain in the chest, heart and stomach, dry mouth and larynx, also I am very tired.
It’s been 20 days and I don’t see any improvement, so I don’t think I can ever get back to my baseline. If my cortisol hadn’t gotten up so much, I never would have taken these pills.
This, I repeat, is the last time I write. I think there’s no solution for me now, I’ll see doctors to see what I can do, but I doubt they can help me. I’ll keep fighting, but I don’t know how long I’ll last.
P.S. I want to clarify that I never did “experimentation” everything I took I had to take it out of necessity.
I wish you to heal all :slight_smile:

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