Hi, I'm a Woman

What symptoms did the woman have with SPF symptoms? Because here you are all men and it is difficult to make a comparison. It would be interesting to know how the “feminine” spf acts personally on a purely gynecological level I am experiencing dryness and lately pain (I suspect a vulvodinia, and I really hope it is something else) also my cycle has changed.
I can’t believe this could all be because of that damn lotion, but apparently…

I have never had problems with sleeping, if not the first times for worry, but after four months I can say I have a restful sleep, I was able to sleep even 10 hours without waking up! But there are things I don’t understand:
I have dry skin on my face, very soft in the body (I interpret it as a lack of DHT) but I have acne, definitely due to the polycystic ovary (but if the receptors are silenced in theory I should not have pimples, am I right?) I don’t lose my hair in the shower, but if I comb them I find them in the brush… Sometimes I admit that I’m confused even though I’m sick. I’ve improved for some things but I don’t know what to expect for the future.
For now there are no studies that are interested in women ( apart from pssd) so I can only hope that my body heals by itself (which I consider unlikely, I had the crash)

I’m sorry to read about people who were bad for Accutane. I took it, and nothing happened to me at the suspension. I didn’t even know there was a sidrome (pas) related to this drug!

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The stories and symptom profiles of some of the other women on this site who developed a PFS-like condition after taking various different substances can be found here: https://forum.propeciahelp.com/search?q=female%20after%3A2018-06-01%20%23member-stories

Haven’t spoken to her in 7 years, but remember she mentioned excessive fatigue, dementia-like symptoms, hair loss, altered menses, and suspected sterilization. (Talked about how ironic it was that she had signs of infertility in blood tests after being given an IVF drug and that these blood levels were normal before the drug.) Can’t remember if she ever mentioned other gynecological symptoms.


Just been busy. This place was chasing its tail. Glad to see there appears to have finally been a shift in direction of promoting medical/scientific advancement toward therapy.

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Well, I had my parameters checked again and it was simply an oversight regarding TSH. So other than a few things, the exams are fine. I must say that I was getting better and better for some things, but since five days I have a terrible genital pain, I did a tampon to rule out an infection but the doctor told me that it could be a vulvodina. This has deeply saddened me, because it means that I will have to give up sexual pleasure and even masturbation. I can’t believe that lotion caused me all this. I just had dryness before, now pain. I was hoping that I would get better. At this point I do not know what to expect, probably I will have to do the “nun” I just hope not to worsen further. I’ve been prescribed a supplement that might help me and I will be forced to take it because the pain does not even make me sleep.
Sorry if I let it out but I’m too down

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What is this “supplement” you speak of that they “prescribed”?

The supplement is a supplement called Pelvilen, for neuropathic pain. I’m waiting for the results of the tampon but in the meantime I’m too sick and I wanted to find some pain relief. I know that many men have had chronic prostatitis after they stopped taking Finasteride… I fear that this problem makes me worse with SPF. I slept very well, headaches and dizziness disappeared, improved with anxiety… I am very afraid. The doctors wanted to prescribe me an antidepressant, but I didn’t want to.

Sorry for your troubles.

give time to recover, but take it from me. don’t wait for recovery to move on with your life, if you can.

a regret i have is waiting to recover and taking time off instead of doing things i needed/wanted to do just because they’re harder.

research is occuring so we can hopefully solve this problem soon, but you’ll never get the time back so its best to live the best you can even with this burden.

Hello! research is mainly on the male sex (I spoke directly with Melcangi) for a woman there is nothing. Although we are similar some mechanisms man/ woman are different. I lived “quite well” but now this genital problem that I have recently made it difficult for me. Strong pain 24 hours a day, dryness, pin cuts. Can you recover? What can it be? Are there men who have recovered? I’ve been out of the palm for almost five months.

well the research is being done on the mechanism of the anti androgen syndrome in general so im not sure how this will vary when it comes to females.

as for recovery, right now personally all i know is that if you recovery naturally thats probably your only chance.

if you try to take substances to recover, chances are nothing will happen, and you will be at risk to get worse

most dont recover

https:///forum.propeciahelp.com/t/effect-of-palmitoylethanolamide-pea-partially-inhibited-byfinasteride-theory/4891 I saw this on the Site. I don’t want to take medication, but the pain is too great.

as I said before the pain I have is too strong. I tried to bear it but it is really too much. If you have advice on natural remedies are welcome.

so far there are zero known natural remedies.

most things people try, makes them worse

On the forum, however, I read about people who have benefited from the use of some supplements. It’s true, it would be better not to take anything and wait for the body to find its balance over time, but in the face of such a debilitating symptom I am forced to addict the Pelvilen. Let’s just hope I have a really bad infection, but my sixth sense is never wrong, I think it’s pudendo neuropathy. If only this had not happened, I would simply follow a dietand do sports, as I was doing before the acute pain

taking supplements is playing russian roulette.

most people do not get better from them.

many people get worse, especially if the supplement has anti androgenic properties such as vitamin D supplements, b12, 5htp and many more.

if i take b12 and vitamin D, nothing happens to me.

however, there are many people here that get worse from both of them.

i have gotten worse from 5htp PERMANENTLY.

you are seriously risking your life trying to find a supplement that helps you

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Some herbs that I recommend you never take: saw palmetto (obviously), acai, stinging nettle, spurge nettle, fenugreek, milk thistle, lobelia.

Various forums mention using fenugreek and milk thistle to increase lactation/milk production in women, but don’t trust it.

I do not doubt that it is dangerous to integrate to get better. Until a few days ago I did not take anything, but this new pain that has arisen invalidates my life, if I do not take a sedative I can not even sleep. And if you don’t sleep, it gets worse. If you have any advice on how to deal with this without outside help, they are welcome! But I also see that you supplement, you take vitamin B12 and D. And you got worse with tryptophan. So why did you take it? I know you want to look at me and thank you. I don’t know what to do. I’ll try not to take anything and see if the pain is bearable… I’ll see a doctor soon.

thanks for the advice! I will stay away from these substances. I was on a paleo diet, but now I’m forced to change it because of the suspected vulvodina. Really, I’m so bitter about this new thing, I can’t understand this worsening. Men who have had painful prostatitis here, how did they deal with it?

I mean, I need help with neuropathic pain if I’m gonna sleep and recover. Many Finasteride users have sleep problems, I have never had, since the first day I had the “crash” I am very sorry that you feel bad about the palmetto. Did you use it in tablets? SP is very similar to Finasteride but not the same thing, so the doctors told me. Yet both cause the same problems. The only thing that can help us is just a healthy life and time… but only for those who are not a serious case, but. You speak of loneliness, I also feel very alone as a woman… Do you have any idea what it’s like to talk about a male issue? have no other women to deal with? Sometimes I feel really desperate but I have to be strong. The family doesn’t support me very much ( and this is something that I have seen in many stories :the family doesn’t realize the gravity of the thing) I hope that you are loved and despite the illness you could achieve in life. Sorry if my English is not perfect, I repeat, I use a translator.