Here’s a weird on guys

I realize how this is going to sound but it happens to me every year since taking finasteride…
I’m always fine during the summer. However, once the fall weather comes in, my anxiety goes up and I have more ED issues.

Up here in NY it goes from summer to fall (back to school weather) pretty quickly.
Once the temperature changed last night…very windy…felt like late October.

All of a sudden I started feeling like my pelvic floor was getting blocked up. Orgasm felt like I was full. Like a blockage down there. Almost totally blunted.
Anxiety and OCD was increased as well.
During the Summer I’m great. I’ve noticed during the colder months Is when I’m at my worst.

Does anyone have any knowledge on this whatsoever? I knowmits weird and I sound like a crackpot but it’s very real.
Could it be simply throwing off my most temperature screws me up?

Could be some strange SAD symptoms or another psychological effect. Could also be that your body has some sort of over-sensitivity to cooler weather or even the change in air pressure or humidity could’ve done something.

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