Herbal preparation decreases adverse effects of finasteride on testes?

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i was conducting some research about another topic (the relation between finasteride and oxidative stress) and i found this study in which a chinese herb preparation currently under the DA-9401 name slowed down and/or reversed the sxual symptoms of pfs.
The herb preparation “is a mixture of natural extracts of three medicinal herbs (roots of Morinda officinalis, outer scales of Allium cepa and seeds of Cuscuta chinensis).”.

Check it out

ps. does fin causes oxidative stress? are we getting older faster?


Topic title changed to reflect content of the study that was linked.

Really fascinating article. How would one get a hold of these Herbs? DA-9401? This is the first scientific study I’ve seen where a scientist is actually testing a working therapy for the damages of Finasteride.

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If you read the study, you would find out exactly that the mices, at least sexually, were CURED. I feel like on this forum there’s this trend in dismissing succesful stories and people, and i’m not the only one who noticed this.


How can you state that they were cured sexually? The study isn’t about sexual behaviour, it isn’t even mentioned.

Had come across this earlier, but could not find any suppliers for those herbs in the country I live in.

that’s what the study says. did you read it? all?

but i didn’t say that the herbal cured from the syndrome anyway, just that fixed some of the problem caused by fin. and my title was almost a joke, c’mon…

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not a big deal anyway. hope someone can find this study useful. see ya.

Ok then quote a part of the study where it mentions any of the sexual parameters such as erection and ejaculation.

When I search for the medicine get some studies that show that this drug indeed has a positive effecton finasteride damage… Im wondering when this ‘‘drug’’ will be available and if this indeed is the cure we so desperatly need.


Can we source the three herbal ingredients that make up the substance? I wonder if we can create our own concoction.

The study mostly looks at spermatogenesis and the effects of these herbs at curing damage to sperm creation and the vas deferens/seminal vesicles. I have to imagine there is overlap to helping with other symptoms as well, but it couldnt hurt to pursue something that has a proven scientific efficacy.

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@Scott.H can you take the survey, man? You’ll be an important data point for the community.

Thank you!

it contains garlic, which is a glutathione enhancer as well…

I had a little look, can get them all on ebay. Although I think it wants extract of onion skins, and only onion extract was available. We don’t know the ‘formula’ though for it, unless we go necking tons of it ofc.

I’m doing fluconazole atm (I know, risky) or I’d probably give it a stab.

Anyone fancy?

allium cepa is onion? ahahahah i thought it was garlic :smiley:

I was planning to consume garlic heavily earlier. I didn’t after seeing the below paper…