Help with natural sleep aide


Hey guys does anyone have the name of natural sleep aides, other than melatonin, my son is is having insomnia for the past few days. He’s feeling suicidal and feeling psychotic.


wrong forum. google baldriparan…


When I was in my worse I took benzodiazepines, clonazepam put me to good sleep when I needed it most. Other than that melatonin is the only thing I have used.


This is not a medical concern forum. We focus on PFS here. What is going on these days?


This woman’s 19 year-old son has PFS and she is asking us for advice. Your last irate post was deleted. Chill out and investigate a little before you fly off the handle, man please.

@9999, is your son a member here? I recently had a discussion with someone about why family members are often joining this forum, rather than the PFS/PAS/PSSD patients themselves. It makes more sense, from our perspective, for the patients to participate directly, rather than receiving second-hand information. Please encourage him to join. We will be implementing a survey for patients soon and it would be great if he could be involved in providing his symptomatic profile.


Sorry, i didn’t know his son was a PFS sufferer.