Help! Salivary glands do not function properly

I’ve posted before but please help as I’m desperate and very depressed. My salivary glands have now been functioning very poorly since last November. I have sticky dry mouth, burning mouth syndrome because of it, fordyce spots occurred all over lips during this phase, and my eyes get dry sometimes. Sometimes my gums bleed and it’s disgusting, uncomfortable, and painful. It’s ruined my life. None of the doctors believe me when I say I’m sure it’s the propecia. My bloods for sjogrens are negative, I’m told my testosterone levels are normal.

Is there anything I can do?


I hace the same problem as you. I dont know how to beat It, please stay in contact with me. Thanks

I always had excess saliva like a wild animal, now my throat and mouth are completely dry

Have you looked into Sjorgens syndrome?

Propecia gave me Sjogrens. I’m curious whether any kind of T/DHT supplementation will help with my dry mouth.