Help please, not sure where to go from here

Hey everyone. Been a few months for me now and I’m getting much worse. Really severe side effects, especially physical ones. I tried very very low dose clomid for a few weeks, my LH dropped, test dropped, but estradiol, which was high, dropped, and dht almost doubled. I am now shedding and miniaturizing like crazy, but I am still getting much worse otherwise. I have no faith in natural recovery, at least alone, given how bad of a case I seem to be, especially at 20. A doctor is now strongly recommending HCG based on the Peyroine’s I developed. Any thoughts? Has anyone with similar values tried anything with success? Ultrasound showed severe fibrosis and peyroines in areas with traditionally more receptors.

Strange you correlate clomid with LH drop. I think it can take up to 3 months for clomid to increase LH.

For fibrosis you could consider options like raising your T and starting daily 5mg cialis.

Also, you may want to investigate shock wave therapy.

You might try some waterfasting to see how you react. It clears up your system and i didn’t saw anyone who got worse by it. Also Bathmate works good for penis health. You might consider it to use it while waiting for your recovery if you can achieve it.

Can i also ask how you got the tests for fibrosis? And what are the signs of it? My Doc didn’t gave me fibrosis tests (Doppler scan) after manual exams.

Thanks. I already had shockwave and prp done. Positive effects, but lasted barely at all. The tissue clearly isn’t getting the androgens it needs, so the positive effects was negated pretty fast. I am on 10 mg cialis daily as well, 5 didn’t do much.

Thanks, I purchased a Bathmate and think it will help, but after I get the hormonal aspect under control. I’ve spoken to quite a few people who improved much with it over time, but only once they started to improve either naturally or via medication. I went to Goldstein and it was part of his typical protocol. Physical differences were stunningly obvious though, I could have told him without the ultrasound.

I am going to attempt a pct like restart based on a doctor I’ve been talking to. Involves hcg clomid bpc 157 and pregnenolone among other things. If not, I’ll go trt route. I have absolutely no faith in my body recovering naturally given how it has gone so far. The doctor I talked to also whether or not his protocol works has explained the issue of tissue accepting hormones and the more paraendocrine nature of this, which no other doctor has. He has a theory about steroid acute regulatory protein being involved. If it works, I will credit him heavily and post details. There is a depressing lack of recovery stories here, despite many people not on the forum recovering. I’ve spoken to a few through doctors and they gave me some hope, while this forum mostly just squashed it. Should last about a month on the restart.

I’ve tried clomid alone hasn’t done much. Worth a try though. I trust the doctor I found to work with his protocol, I do not think natural recovery is possible in a case as extreme as mine. Definitely will not cure me, but hopefully helps with the major issues. Unfortunately will make me bald in the process, which is ironic.

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Out of curiosity, what is Goldstein’s typical protocol if I may ask?

Cialis shockwave prp clomid and some AI. Seems to work for some people, especially more mild cases. Good dude, but he doesn’t understand the hormonal/core issue aspect at all.

He’s very good for ED in general, if that’s all you’re dealing with and brain fog to some extent, but not a ton beyond that. Will prescribe basically anything but not covered by insurance for me anyway

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