Help PFS'ers exhaustion

Hey everyone,
As some of you have already read my situation I have been bed bound for 7 months now with zero improvement. I would like to get my energy levels up to a point were I could maybe go for a small walk or even make my own food to take the pressure off my mum. If you guys would have any suggestion to help with this extreme fatigue that would be brilliant.


Tried baking soda??

No I haven’t is it any good?

Helped me some…

I feel you man,the chemical impossibility of getting motivated.
The only thing I can tell you that might help is that you need to exercise. It will suck, and it didn’t even cure me and since we can’t even feel motivated, we won’t feel the rush while exercising so it will suck more.
But if you start, atleast you will prevent the muscle atrophy and step by step atleast get out of bed.
By exercise, I mean the exercise that you feel YOU can do. If you can’t get out of bed, do curls(your form will be bad on bed so use low weights) or even motherfucking pushups if the bed is hard. Start with 1 and increase slowly.

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Thanks for the advice bro I have tried mild exercise and I feel so dizzy and exhausted. I think I have adrenal fatigue and was told not to exercise because it puts more stress on an already taxed out system. To tell you the truth I’m really confused. Really wish hospitals were aware of this condition and could help me out

Fatigue you mean or just the gut?

Do you have constipation or weird stool? I think gut health may play a huge role in this and its been 7 months, have you tried any supplements? i think it might be a good idea to consider something if your condition hasnt improved.

Baking soda and low dose naltrexone are two things that really helped me with my PFS related exhaustion.

My bedroom has turned into a mini pharmacy lol I have a lot of stomach pain and don’t go to the toilet often and I had diarrhea for 5 months chronically

Hey Mark I’m from Ireland too i’ts nice to meet ya,
How can I get naltrexone?

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So people I had to collect my current girlfriend today in another town and I know this route very well but I went in a complete opposite direction towards another town and only realised miles in that I was going the wrong way completely like my mind shut off I then started to get confused as to what side of the road I was meant to be on I was even on the opposite side of the F’n road were oncoming traffic was coming towards me beeping. Wdf is happening to me people this is honestly the scariest fucking thing ever :cry::cry:

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I had the same stomach pain dude if you go carnivore and it mostly disappears easy way to tell its SIBO

Sounds like adrenal fatigue. I had the same thing, unable to exercise and could barely go for a walk. After some months with no improvements I did cortisol saliva tests which showed LOW cortisol all day long. Then I started hydrocortisone and things started to improve within 1 week.

I took hydrocortisone for 1 year until my adrenals were fully recovered. Then I tapered the dose over 4 weeks and never had any energy/cortisol issues ever again.

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Hey there,
I recently got a toxicolgy report that said my cortisol levels were low would this be the reason for my extreme fatigue and have you improved much?

Yes cortisol is the issue here. My energy nowadays is higher than even pre PFS. Hydrocortisone was essential for me. Some claim that you can heal the adrenals naturally, but it can take YEARS. So for me hydrocortisone was the only option.

I also have serious fatigue issues and I am checking my adrenal function to see if that is the problem.

If I am not mistaken, professor Melcangi at the university of Milano established that Finasteride causes disruption in the hypothalamus, which regulates adrenal function, among other things.

Couldn’t this be the very core of the adrenal fatigue issue?

Sounds like this is what I need I think the stress I was under alone would fuck up my adrenals completely. What do I get checked my cortisol levels just?

You should do a 24 hour cortisol saliva test.

Or better, go your doctor and do blood tests for cortisol and ACTH around 8am, and do a 24-hour urine collection cortisol test. Then you will know if you have adrenal problems. I did this and it helped me a lot.

Walking would be good for you too. Just down the driveway or to the mailbox, each day. Start off slow.