HELP! Left rear part of brain (and face) feels burning

For three weeks now (after getting off Propecia last Oct 2019) the left rear part of my head and brain feels burning. I feel out of touch with reality and cant focus on anything. My focus at work is zero. Been suicidal almost everyday. I just want to stay locked inside my room all day.

Along with this, I also started feeling some digestive disturbances. Every time I pass stool, I still feel bloated and feel that only 1/4 comes out from my usual bowel movements. It feels so irritating. Passing stools seems to be the only thing that gives me comfort amidst all my PFS symptoms.

Apart from ED (weak erections) and hour glass shaped penis, insomnia, I’m afraid that both symptoms I mentioned above are a new range of symptoms I need to tackle. Im getting really tired and hopeless.

I need help.

Heyy dude. I’m a freshman with PFS, but this is one of my first sympthoms currently. Fortunately outside here its cool and windy, so I just go out into the fresh air for a bit, it helps reduce the burning. It might be a reaction of our central nervous system to the unfamiliar change. I’m sure it will settle once it reckognizes the new phenomenon in our systems. I doubt that its more threatening since there has been no reports of such PFS consequence.
Ice your had, perhaps try pills on headache and simply wait until it goes away. It will I’m sure :wink:

I’m so sorry to hear you’re experiencing this @hoping_still, they’re unfortunately quite common symptoms in PFS. I had head pressure, brain fog and derealisation to a severe degree in the months following my crash. Those particular symptoms have eased in intensity and frequency for me. Please stay strong and know that these symptoms can improve with time… There are many, many accounts on this forum of people with these side effects, you are not alone in this experience.

Hi @Tzinkman can i check how long did u have to suffer from head pressure and brain fog before it got better? Been having it for five months now.

For me brain fog is also concentrated on the left side of the head and face behind my left eye and under my left temple. Some brain processes originate in the left brain hemisphere so that’s not a huge surprise. You are not crazy.

I also believe brain fog is a cognitive phenomenon which appears when you try to or are forced to do things or think about things even though there is no reward associated with them, which in PFS is everything.

In fact, even if you are not trying to do anything, the mind is constantly looking for rewards and when it can’t find them going on is a form of strain and torture - hence the brain fog.

The worst is when you are trying to concentrate on something, anything. Since there are no rewards associated with it, you have to force your attention, which is very hard, and you will get even worse brain fog.

This is the short version. Long version - if I ever have the capacity to write…

I still get it now but much less frequently and it usually passes quicker than it did before. I’d say it took around a year to get sustained improvement with those symptoms.

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How r u now bro?

I am the same. How about you?

How do you manage? Are u able to keep a decent job to support yourself or ur family?

Same thing. The dull pain head pressure is located on the left back part of my brain reaching towards my left ear. It feels like my brain’s default set up is stressed even tho im not doing anything that will require serious thinking.