HELP! Lab test post finasteride HIGH E2 HIGH testo AND LOW VITAMIN D

Hey, guys,

I need a little help with interpreting my results. I’m still waiting for the DHT results but so far I’ve been found to have high oestradiol and low amounts of vitamin d and SHBG in the high limit. The only thing I don’t understand is how it is possible that I have higher testosterone levels than before. I stopped taking finasteride over a month ago.

My symptoms are deep PFS (dri skin, muscle atrophy, change in features, wrinkles, pain in bones and muscle, depression…)

Pre Finasteride Test:

TSH 1.02
FREE T4 1.09
Testosterone 7.04

Post Finasteride test:

FSH 4.04 mUI/ml (1.5 - 12.4)
LH 5.88 mUI/ml (1.7 - 8.6)
17-Beta estradiol 51.60 pg/ml (11.3 - 43.2) ***
Progesterone 0.35 ng/ml (0.05 - 0.149)

Prolactin 9.69 ng/ml (4.04 - 15.2)
Intact Parathormone 46.60 pg/ml (15 - 65)
Testosterone 8.08 ng/ml (2.49 - 8.36)
Free Testosterone 130.10 pg/ml (54.7 - 190.63)
Delta-4 Androstendiona 2.23 ng/ml (0.6 - 3.1)
ACTH 22.40 pg/ml (7.2 - 63.3)
cortisol 14.00 ug/dL (4.82 - 19)
25-HIDROXI VITAMINE D 15 ng/mL ( >30)

HDL Cholesterol 50 mg/dl ( >55)
Hydroxyprogesterone 17-alpha
IGF-I (Somatomedin C) 162.00 ng/ml (109 - 257)
Insulin 5.62 µI/ml (2.6 - 24.9)
Serum SHBG (Sex hormone 50.30 nmol/l (18.3 - 54.1)
binding globulin)

Thyroid Profile

Anti Microsomal TPO <9 IU/ml (Inf. 34) Negative
TSH 0.87 µUI/ml (0.4 - 4.5)
Free T4 1.16 (0.7 -1.9)
Anti Thyroglobulin (TG) 10.90 IU/ml (Inf. 115) Negative

Have you tested your dht?

Yes, but I won’t have the results until next week. I also have to analyze the DHEAS and if you recommend something else I will tell the endocrinologist.

I think the activity of alpha-reductase may have been affected and hence the high levels of testosterone. When I know the DHT levels I will update

How are you feeling? Have you improved over time?

My initial suspicion is that 5aR enzyme still hasn’t rebounded for you, and so both test and E2 are high. The DHT test should show us more information.

I would say most of my symptoms have improved.
My most pressing symptoms are joint clicking noises, slight back pain (Still improving), and weird digestion.

2 months ago, I was unable to ingest anything except rice + water. Whatever else I ate just came out of me in the form of diarrhea. I had constant stomach pain and growling noises.
Today, I don’t have diarrhea, my stool time is consistent (Every morning and none after), no more stomach pains, no more stomach noise. However, my stools still look a bit weird.

I think our cases have been very similar. Unfortunately, I listened to my dermatologist and continued with the poison, which led to the complete destruction of my hair. I am also 100% sure that the reason of my telogen effluvium was finasteride.

I have also noticed digestive problems and less appetite but right now I am worried about the physical symptoms. Interestingly, I have had the same experience as you and when I stopped the poison, the hair loss stopped.

The only symptom that has improved in me has been the dryness of the face. However, my palms are now drier and I am extremely tired.

I also had less appetite in the beginning along with bloating.
The bloating is now gone, but it feels like I can’t feel full after eating.

Hopefully you see improvements.