HELP: Inflammation of tendons/tendinitis all over my body

Hey guys!

I have been suffering from PFS for 6 years now: all typical sexual and psychological symptoms.
But in addition to that, I suffer from tendinitis at several spots on my body and it gets worse and worse: knee, shoulder, fingers, foot.

No doctor has an explanation for that. All other medical reasons were excluded.

This is the worst symptom ever as it made me a handicapped guy: cannot walk long distance, cannot type at the computer, no sports!

(I didn’t take any fluorchinolone antibiotics)

Does anyone else of you have this symptom??? Am I the only PFS patient with these symptoms?

Any comments and help is very much appreciated!


Hey Mozart I have similar issues to you. They are one of the Symptoms that affect me the most.

Unfortunately I don’t have any advice, other than to keep moving as much as you can and listen to your body.

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I get it too unfortunately. You are not alone.

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I have all the samme heavy Pain and it get worser and worser…and stoppend for 12 Years…
the Body is so inflammed, i think that is MCAS… Mastcells

I get something related when I work out. I get a strange sore sensation followed by odd pain and muscle shakes