HELP: Inflammation of tendons/tendinitis all over my body

Hey guys!

I have been suffering from PFS for 6 years now: all typical sexual and psychological symptoms.
But in addition to that, I suffer from tendinitis at several spots on my body and it gets worse and worse: knee, shoulder, fingers, foot.

No doctor has an explanation for that. All other medical reasons were excluded.

This is the worst symptom ever as it made me a handicapped guy: cannot walk long distance, cannot type at the computer, no sports!

(I didn’t take any fluorchinolone antibiotics)

Does anyone else of you have this symptom??? Am I the only PFS patient with these symptoms?

Any comments and help is very much appreciated!


Hey Mozart I have similar issues to you. They are one of the Symptoms that affect me the most.

Unfortunately I don’t have any advice, other than to keep moving as much as you can and listen to your body.


I get it too unfortunately. You are not alone.


I have all the samme heavy Pain and it get worser and worser…and stoppend for 12 Years…
the Body is so inflammed, i think that is MCAS… Mastcells

I get something related when I work out. I get a strange sore sensation followed by odd pain and muscle shakes

@Lino2340 @LazarusRy how severe is your tenditinis? Do several tendons hurt? Could you identify anything which makes the situation worse?
Some tendons started to hurt/be inflammed after usual daily activities and since then didnt get better. The strange thing is that the physicians sometimes cannot even see an inflammation but still I feel severe pain. I cannot even walk properly.
Do you have similiar symptoms?

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Yes the same, I can’t even lift a cup at times, the muscles cramp tendons pop whan I’m walking bone heads are painful everywhere and the connective tissue seems to be under attack. Food is a trigger for eating causes widespread inflammation it could be insulin resistance and disfunctional cortisol. I’m losing tissue and muscle as a consequence and have lost all strength.

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when started ur symtpons ? i have this symptons too.

I’ve had pfs over 20 years, the stuff I describe in this thread ramped up 6 years ago.

In relation to what you said about food, it’s the same with me, if I don’t eat I don’t feel these inflammations, but when I eat, the muscles are attacked and my body starts to become inflamed, as does my skin. It’s very weird. I agree with you that the issue of insulin resistance could be a cause, as well as cortisol… I will try to see and carry out tests on this insulin issue.

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My insulin levels are text book, pwrfect mo signs of pre diabetes yet I have every possible related symptom. Epigenetic…Same with cortisol numbers, readings are perfect yet I have every symptom of long standibg disfunctionaly high levels, same with testosterone etc etc iuntil we get a treatment the only way is to work on the body as though the numbers were out eg high cort, insulin resistant, low test through fasting, low inflammation diet etc stuff thats safer than playing with hormones. It’s a view and an aproach that’s kept me going.

My dream was to just have anhedonia or difficulty with erection or low libido.

Did you ever do a glucose load test? It’s possible to have normal fasting glucose but after you eat it goes to high.

I want to do it but it’s hard as we don’t have private care and it’s only pregnant women that do the test.

Hi, I completely recovered 4.5 years ago using DNRS and neuroplasticity techniques, but three months ago I crashed again after taking antibiotics in a moment of a lot of work related stress, and after having a whiplash with mTBI and an infection. This time my main problems are connective tissue fragility (some of my ligaments have even partially torn), plantar fasciitis, and muscle hypotonia and tightness. I have bone pain and inflammation in knees and ankles. Has anyone improved connective tissue issues? I cannot walk these days because of my ankle and knee problems. Also stomach pain that started immediately after taking the antibiotics (by the way, they were clarythromicin and amoxycilin, I had taken amoxycilin before without any problems, but in a moment when I wasn’t having any stress).

How are you doing @Mozart? Anyone has improved these kind of symptoms?