Help in confirming symptoms


Hello guys, I hope you are all doing OK today, I know its hard, I wake up every morning with butterflies in the stomach and a nervousness that I can’t budge.

I started taking Finasteride in 2014, and throughout that time my scalp itched a bit, I didn’t think much of it and put it down to yeast infection and just happily ignored it. I also never had a morning erection in that time too but never mind.

Then in 2017 my crown was itching a lot throughout the day and I decided to take Zinc as I heard it was good at helping against DHT, my scalp when calm that day and it was great, the itch then came back worse so I started taking saw palmetto too and my scalp went insanely itchy, worst at work with the air con, I was scratching all day. At this point Istupidly thought it was the dot attacking my follicles in a severe way rather than a reaction to all the shit I was bombarding my body with. So I decided to jump on RU too and within a week I started getting hot flashes anytime I took SP and I developed this really weird rash on the back on three on my fingers going from the finger nail all the way to the base of the finger, it looked like extremely ashy skin it was flaky but not painful, I decided to stop everything and just propecia and over the months my hand got better but my body felt unbalanced, I think the hot flushes were being triggered by panics mainly but I still felt weird, then in April 2018 I decided to quit propecia too and within 4 days my neck started burning up really badly and my hands and arms were insanely dry, I could see each line in my skin, it was fucking weird. the arms calmed down pretty quickly but the hands have not, they are still never flaky, and I think I may have realised why. This took a turn when I introduced SP to the mix as this is a type 1 alphra5 reductase do you think thesis the reason why my hands won’t stop being dry, its causing me a great deal of distress. my knees, elbows and soles of feet are also insanely dry but nowhere else. For a long time I thought it may have been an infection but the only 3 things to really help it instantly is soy, cheese and beer, so odd!!!

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Sorry to hear this mate but I have these symptoms too. In my opinion it’s related to the lowering of DHT. I developed these symptoms 6 years ago when temporarily stopping propecia ahead of surgery. I’ve been left with permanently dry skin. Emoliant cream help, I also get occasional burns on my skin/body for no reason as though I’ve been scalded.


really, I don’t get why it would be when we quit though, I had two blood tests, one when I was on propecia and one when I was off and when I was off my dht wa higher yet my dry hands were worse. As dht and oestrogen compete in the body I wonder if its an E thing as now there is more dht in the body the E can’t bind as much. maybe that explains why soya, dairy and beer all helps!

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Could be right but most of our symptoms don’t correlate with proper biological function - often the opposite


does Soya help with your symptoms ? Its so odd because the only symptom I have is dry skin, no sexual problems or anything. what are your symptoms


I have the works mate, took it on and off for 20 years. Backwards and forwards to the doctors over years with no tie up to finasteride. I only discovered it 18 months ago by stumbling across the forum. Symptoms have came on one by one and all have got worse since I stopped. If I’d known the cause I may have got away with less. Some do.