Help I would appreciate any advise



Hi, an update about my son:
Last week he started feeling extremely depressed an anxious and confused he changed for the worse, deeply depressed and attempted suicide, for this reason we took him to the clinic and he is there now.

The doctor has no diagnosis for the moment and is giving him antipsychotics at low dosages (he knows about his post finisteride) he is feeling a bit better but cannot sleep and is having pains- joint, testicular and muscle amongst other symptoms which are worrisome to say the least.

I’m afraid they give my son a dignosis on the line of Schizophrenia while is there.

Any thoughts about antipsychotics and the use of these with PFS?


I don’t know the answer unfortunately, but anyone who might will probably need to know the specific drugs in question.


He is being given Risperidal 3mg and Lorazepam