HELP! ED & Numbness symptoms at very young age.

Hi everyone.

Im a 23 y/o man who have been using finasteride for the past 2 years. No problems or symptom whatsoever. Good erection, good orgasm, good penis overall. About 2 weeks ago, I decided to slowly stop taking finasteride. So instead of taking fin everyday, i took it once every two days.

After doing that for about 1 week only, i loss my libido, its hard to erect, & hard to mantain erection & i dont even know my dick anymore now, it feels like some rubber. This is a disaster. I only develop these symptoms when I tried to STOP using finasteride, I have no symptoms during the usage of the drug. Its been about 4 days now.

PLEASE HELP ME. What can I do in these early stages. I cant live like this, suicide is a really possible option for me now. What can & should I do??:cry:

Quit fin and all other shampoos that’s it, don’t wait for all that tapering off bullshit. Don’t take any hormonal stuff. There’s nothing more you can do. Relax and eat right. Hopefully your body will return back to normal. Maybe with time u will get back. Don’t think about suicide, think about people who have more severe symptoms than u.

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Thank you man, what do you mean all other shampoos? I can’t use any shampoo at all? And how to eat right? What food should I take & avoid?

Many ingredients in shampoos have a similar affect to the finasteride, 5ar inhibition, so he’s saying to avoid these shampoos (mainly shampoos for hair loss)

As for eating, we know blood sugar and hormonal health are related. So avoid junk foods that would spike your blood sugar and possibly further dysregulate your blood and hormones and make it more difficult for your body to return to a baseline. (I would recommend avoiding sugar and flour but then eating primarily fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and clean meat)

On top of these things I would also say be sure to be getting good sleep each night, don’t eat too late and also don’t masturbate excessivley as that can also upset your body’s balance at this time (don’t test to see if your penis works by masturbating). Also don’t overstress your body in any other way like over exercising.

Just relax, eat right, sleep right and you should return to normal within 2 weeks to a month, most people do.

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Thank you my g🙏 Can sexual stimulation helps sexual symptoms? Like playing with penis every other day to stimulate & keep blood flowing?