Help: Dealing with a crash from four months ago and feeling helpless, appreciate any experienced poster's feedback & advice

This is my second time starting this thread topic

I will try be as brief as possible. Basically I recovered fully from penal shrinkage and subsequently crashed and that symptom won

Start of summer 2020 I transitioned over from oral Finasteride (22 years on it) to topical Finasteride

I then started to developed horrendous sides, I weaned of it and finally came off it three months later where many sides continued

Over the following months through a lot of gym work, no drinking, no smoking , physio massage, chiro work and supplementing Vitamin D and Boron I was recovering quite well.

One of the worst sides was penal shrinkage which Vitamin D and Boron 100% resolved, in fact my penis in its flacid and erect stage was bigger than I ever remember.

Ten months after quitting Fin, I still had puffy nipples from gyno I developed. I decided to try a DIM supplement to see if it would improve things and within two days I felt something not right in my body. As the days went by my penis progress diminished, my penis became smaller and thinner.

DIM crashed me and set me backwards.


That was four months ago and I have had only little improvement.

Now this is where I would like to pick somebody’s brains, if I take Vitamin
D or Boron now I don’t get any improvement, rather things disimprove.

I have subsequently learned that DIM is powerful enough to affect 5ar receptor

So could it be that the testosterone jump Boron and Vitamin D once gave me is now turning too much into estrogen and my 5ar receptor is out of kilter?

I didn’t experience worsening of any other of my post fin symptoms.

I was thinking of taking Zinc high dose to try stop Vit D converting to estrogen but I am nervous about making things worse

One final thing , I tried a Tribulous supplement 8 weeks ago and my gyno got worse, my sensitivity to light indoors and surrounding noise got worse, anxiety increased, can no longer really drink coffee and joint pain got worse.

Funny enough two weeks later I went on holidays for two weeks and it was hot and sunny everyday and it was like it kick started my body, don’t know how it happened but the sun and heat resolved most of the shit Tribulous did to me, that is just another days topic but made my think the sun may be very therapeutic for some of us , also my penis was bigger on holidays.

Zinc and vitamin d as well as tribulus have made many worse, search the forum to see

In good faith we can’t prescribe anything to you to try for recovery besides waiting and letting time heal you

It’s common to see improvements in sides in a 12 month time frame, especially neuro symptoms

It’s also common for people to try stuff, and then crash over and over

So if you want to experiment with stuff you’d have to take that risk from you own judgement

Research all compounds to see how people have reacted with here on this website. For example you’ll see SSRI’s and b12 have many people crash further

Also research if a compound or substance has any hormone interactions

Generally you want to stay away from it if it does

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Thank you for the reply. I know time can help with matters and improvements I am testament to that before my DIM crash

But do you or anyone reading this know of people having improvements with their 5ar receptors because without that I don’t see how I can achieve improvements with my penal issue.

Before my DIM crash I know Vitamin D worked wonders and Boron (sorry to be detailed) but it increased the head size of my penis

If I can get my body to respond to them again, I believe I can fix this penis issue.

Easier said than done but could time heal our receptors?

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if we knew how to fix our overexpressed receptors, none of us would likely be here.

one thing works for a while, then crashes people

one thing works for some, and the same protocol crashes someone else

let time do the healing, and just try to hang on to whatever your baseline is. contribute to our community projects so that we can get better data that will help us find protocols that really work for everyone

i know this isnt what you want to hear, but ive been here long enough now to stop experimenting and focusing on stuff that will help us aim better in terms of solutions

the last thing you want is to try stuff that worked before, or things you think might work, and to just inevitbly get worse

and with PFS, things can ALWAYS get worse

also, we should be getting good news soon (by the end of the year i think?) in terms of new studies being proposed and funded. they might even be transparant so it will be exciting to see things moving in a positive direction.