Head Pressure - Intercranial Pressure Please Read


Is the head pressure associated with PFS intercranial pressure ICP?

The symptoms for ICP are

Blurred vision
Ringing in ears
Loss of vision

If yes it’s supposed to be treated. Diagnosis can be done through an eye examination or lumbar puncture.


Although I have not - If you search the forum a few people have gotten this tested.


I think some of us have developed this to varying degrees, myself included. Has anyone been diagnosed with ICP and seen improvement with treatment?


There was a guy on Acne.org that had intense head pressure that ended up getting a spinal tap. They didnt find anything. I think they ended on giving him prednisone and he ended up feeling worse.
I believe intracranial pressure or Pseudotumor cerebri is listed as a side effect for Accutane.
This can lead to permanent vision loss, so I would think its doubtful this is going on in alot of us, I hope.