Is there a protocol for taking HCG ?

I have 10 250ml HCG injections I’m wondering if I should take one each day or space them out ?

Do some research and searches of the forum for answers rather than creating new threads everytime you have a question… if you require additional info on hCG, visit Dr. Crisler’s forum at musclechatroom.com

I had a look at the above site the problem is his protocol only seems to be for people who are on TRT. I’m not sure if the info on his site is relevant to us.

All I want to know is if there is a recommended HCG dose for people with PFS.

Hey did you use HCG yet, what happened?

Upsss it was 8 years ago…

It didn’t do much for me.

But I was in a very bad way back in 2012 the year I crashed.

@Mark2012 - How long did you take it for?

How do you feel now? And what did you do in that time to get better?

I took it for about 10 days.