HCG testimonials

I’m considering taking HCG alone for PFS… For a better understanding of what I can expect, can some members who have used HCG share their experiences(preferably HCG alone - no.combination with testosterone ) ? Thanks

Just go for it. I learned that the more you think about protocols, more harder it gets. If you did your research and ready to go, try not to think anything more about it and keep your mind positive.

Read HCG recovery stories from multiple forums. That would also help. It is possible still but you may have adress your upregulated AR’s too, later. HCG is more like a “finisher” type of drug which works as a PCT and heals the neurosteroids.

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You’ve taken it yourself, @Cooper?

Correct I’m looking for people who specifically tried HCG , and wanted to know how effective it is to treat PFS . I’ve heard some positive results in these forums, but wanted the good and possibly bad experiences in one place

You’ll have to search yourself, buddy.

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