Having a Panic Attack/Anxiety



Hey guys tonight I had a slight panic attack before bed, i think its caused by my anxiety and constant worrying about symptoms.

I know some here are having much more severe symptoms than me but I can’t help thinking about my ED and loss of libido. Also I keep constantly worrying about my genitals going numb and keep touching myself (although there’s still 60-70% sensation left) … It’s really bad and I can’t like not think about it. I can still get boners and stuff by fantasizing so that means my penis works, but the stories of members who say stuff gets worse with time is really scaring me. and I keep regretting taking Fin in the first place

If you guys have any input on how I could cope? or any reassuring words? I’m worried sick


did you have anxiety before this?


I’ve been a bit more anxious than normal lately, too. I think it has to deal with me being on these forums a bit more than normal (so I’m thinking about my symptoms more) as well as finals being around the corner for me.

I’ve found that giving myself a certain amount of time to really feel the emotions I’m currently experiencing helps a lot. So for example, I’ll give myself the day to just acknowledge how I’m feeling but restrain myself from going down a path of “what if” thoughts (if that makes any sense). To elaborate more, I try to focus on exactly what’s bothering me in that moment and nothing else. Afterwards I try to shift my focus entirely on what I need to get done regarding school, personal care, etc.

I also think about the effort that’s being made to correct these problems, and this helps me a lot. I try to focus on the things, however slight they may be, I can do in order to help. So for instance I just got my 23andme kit, and I’m excited to get my results back so I can contribute more towards the effort. I’m also majoring in computer science, and although I’m by no means experienced, I’m always thinking about ways that I could use it to potentially help. I also try to make an effort to educate myself more on all the things that could be the culprit for our symptoms. By doing this I give myself more control over the situation, and this is quite empowering.

Finally, I tend to struggle with feeling connected with people I’m around (even my closest friends) because of my symptoms. I feel like I don’t really have anyone to help me talk through my bad days when I really wish I did. With that being said, please feel free to PM me anything you’d like to talk about. It’s important for all of us to support each other as much as we can.


I can definitely relate to what you said, especially struggling to feeling connected with friends. My close friends know about my condition, although they understand it to varying degrees, but I don’t want this to be the only thing I talk about with them, even though it is the main thing on my mind. So I end up feeling quite isolated and alone in this.


No I didn’t have anxiety before, thats for sure. But before I never had this ED nor read about the horrible effects of Propecia.

Also I haven’t told anyone i’m suffering from this, it’s kind of embarrassing and although family would be supportive they’d be mad at me for taking it in the first place even. Thank you for your support guys :slight_smile:


Have you been to see a doctor ?
Before everyone burns me alive at the stake I will always say the doctor has to be the first person to talk to about your situation.
Get a professional opinion regardless of what people say about doctors can’t help…
Get blood tests done to rule out anything else that is possibly the issue


yes pfs panic attacks are terrible, and i can’t calm myself down due to impaired neurotransmitters


@BearOf17 gives some great advice with regards to managing your anxiety and also ways to take back control. I’m sure that all of us here wish that we can go back in time and personally speaking I have been through every permutation of “what if” and “if only”, and still do on occasion. I have learned over time however not to blame myself. Although what you are feeling is entirely understandable, it is causing you further harm. Try and allow some self-kindness in and work on ways, like Bear says, of managing these thoughts, or limiting the times you check your penis. Although on the surface you blame yourself for being in this situation, think of all the men who take this medication without a thought and aren’t on the face of it harmed. The fact that this medication is on the market at all and has been approved will mean that men will always be vulnerable to taking it, no matter what is said against it. The drug companies exploited and continue to exploit an understandably unhappy though natural condition, so in my eyes the fault lies entirely with them and not with you.

Also, when you find yourself ruminating, try and put up an imaginary stop sign, if that makes sense.