Have you guys experienced Eczema and overall dry skin?

Hey guys. I have been fighting with PAS almost for one year. In last 5 months i have been experiencing with several eczema on my skin. It first started on my feet. Then it jumped on my hands. My whole body skin is too dry and i drink at least 2.5-3 litres of water per day. I am not sure if it’s “eczema” but it’s too dry and some times it itches and my skin falls apart like little pieces. It looks like red and itchy parts. One of my feet seems healed but other one stays like that for 5 months. My hands getting worse day by day. Interesting thing is it seems like my penis’ skin has started to get dry too. It was not like that before and that made me think if i am getting worse by time instead getting better??

I wonder if any of you experiences that? I read that may be a result of autoimmune disease or a problem about guts’ toxicity. There are so many information about that and in our case actually i don’t know which one is true.

Since accutane I have an allergic reaction to some of the metal parts of My clothes like buttons or belts, if I stay in contact for too long my skin gets red and it itches. Also a few years back I used to have the same reaction in my arms, but with no metal contact, stress maybe?

It’s very common unfortunately. I’ve had. It for nigh on a decade.parabin free moisturizer is the best thing to manage the dryness/irritation.

Hmm it just made me think after saw your comment, i use fitness gloves when i working out. Maybe it can cause an allergic reaction especially when i sweat. I will take a break from using them and update here if it works. I don’t think it’s about stress in my case because all of my mental issues have solved. Thanks for reply.

Oh, it’s scary to hear that it lasted that much. I wish you good luck my friend. It seems you have these problems for too long. Could you tell me which side effects got better or worse over years?

I had pretty severe psoriasis that started 6 months into pfs. Fortunately it has largely cleared up after 2 years. Keep your skin as moisturized as possible.

Nothing has improved with time I’m afraid I’ve continued to deteriorate with time all symptoms have become more prevalent with new ones appearing along the way. I’ve recently found out I now have liver disease. Thenk you Fin.

Sad to hear that. I think these side effects hit everyone differently. I hope you get better.

Some resources say that eczema and partial dry skin is a reaction of guts’ and liver’s self cleaning process. Have you experienced any healing of your digestive system at the same time you were dealing with dry skin? Or have you ever experienced some digestive issues like after eating; fatigue, brain fog, gut bloating… etc due to PFS?