Have you ever tried the treatment they give to people that have divers disease "caisson" ( hyperbaric chamber)?

Have you ever tried the treatment they give to people that have divers disease “caisson” ( hyperbaric chamber)?

That also once it does damage is something that leaves people scared without much to do about it, except getting this therapy. It is not just to get the bells out the body …

I did a quick search on this forum and online but did not find anything about it in relation to PFS.

The first hours or so in the chamber is (at -30 meters and with on and of periods of concentrated oxygen cleaning the whole body) to take bells out of your blood the other about 30 hours or so (depending on treatment type) spread over 10 days, or something like that.

My point is that 95% of the time your total in to get concentrated oxygen under pressure to heal, so not for the bubbles.

Going to -30meters - which concentrates oxygen even more that way - it goes to the brain and all body parts. To help restore any damage done … (this is something totally different then normal oxygen therapy by the way, because at -30meters the concentration of the oxygen is like x30 … (not exact numbers)

I know it is also used for people with cancer that have dead tissue because of radiation and such. They use it to make that tissue less painful and even blood starts running through parts that were “dead” before. (not sure I am explaining this correct)

Typically every large city has one location for this and there are set days people use it (has many chairs you can join with a goup).

Perhaps this is something to look into . Not just for a few hours but the full pull treatment and then some… It is even “affordable” some what (between 500eur and lets say 5000eur depends on amount of treatments). Can imagine that the insurance would pay this or part of it.

I do not know the details.

I can imagine it does wonders for the brain it can have effect on foggy brain and such. Help heal your gut maybe even, I dont know just thinking out loud.

Does anyone with PFS have any experience with this (like for a serious amount of time, not 10 hours, because what I understand this really needs time to work its magic. Some ex-cancer patiants go in for more than 50 times to see effect) ?

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My opinion is hyperbaric chambers are pseudo science with zero peer reviewed evidence and a money grab.