Have you done an ultrasound of your genital area?


I am surprised that I haven’t seen many people talking about having done ultrasounds of their genital area. I think this is something important to discredit all the theories about delusional disorders and similars.

It is a test that is absolutely free in most developed countries, so I encourage everyone with penile problems to do this test.

Mine showed fibrosis and calcifications. It also showed atheroesclerosis.

I must admit that even with this clear test, some doctors tried to convince me that even mental problems can cause this, but I am sure that the more objective tests we have, the more credibility we will gain.


hey @kan

lol…citation needed.

There’s been many reports of these findings over the years but not so many who are currently active as far as I’m aware. Part of the problem with this evidence, as with so many clinical presentations of PFS, is that when they do occur their doctors are just baffled. One would think these findings would merit publication in the form of case studies more often, but apparently not.

As an aside, most with damage (including myself) do not have “before” scans (go figure…not as if many would pay for this drug believing this is even possible). It is a real shame. @demon has clear doppler scans that are highly demonstrable of a structural change following his use of rutin. The traction my late friend @lashes_to_lashes got on imgur, and the many shocked comments that were left, was very different to the normal shrugs in regards to PFS because his skin was severely damaged, and he had tracked the changes very effectively getting worse and worse following cessation after his brief use. It’s certainly easier to get the point across with visible changes.

Back to the topic at hand, here’s an example I that came to mind:

I’d be interested in including (anonymously) clinical reports or scans of such findings in a paper I am working on with @awor that will be provided to scientists. If anyone with penile/testicular/pelvic floor changes following Finasteride use and clinical findings attesting to it would be willing to be included anonymously as supplementary material, please get in touch privately.


Very important question.

I’ve had an ultrasound done on my testicles a few months back, found nothing apart from a tiny amount of calcium deposits. This is despite having constant left testicle/vas deferen pain almost daily.

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I had a Duplex Doppler through Dr. Goldstein and I have scarring in my penis

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They didn’t found anything in my testicles either apart from a varicocele, all the problems I describe are in the penile area.

Can you post the results on my thread. K e you replied. Please check out our messages.

I have the exact same thing. Little calcification and left testicle pain.

I had ultasound on my plums and have swollen epididymis.

I had the same thing, @CursedLemon, @vanquish.

I had my balls under ultrasound and they were fine, they wouldn’t do my dick but I imagine I’d have moderate calcification and fibrosis. Especially in the head where the blood vessels are much more intricate and sensitive. I think the use of my low intensity sonic wave device has been reversing any of my previous calcification and fibrosis issues. Erections strength is great, it still takes a second to warm up, but once I’m there I’m basically prefin. I’ve only been using this device for the last month or so but in time I’ll be able to more conclusively say how much its helped.

I`ve got some kists in epydidims

Do you mind messaging me what this device is so I can check it out myself?

It’s a shockwave machine. Google and it should be top result. @Lostinaustin

Like what exactly?

Like exactly what they said. “The same thing”.

Yup, im going to order 100 pills of Cialis at the age of 20 to prevent my penis tissue to get damaged. Thank you Accutane to freaking me out again!

just google shockwave therapy ED

here’s a study with over 700 patients:

“LI-ESWT applied to the corpora cavernosa showed a statistically significant improvement in the quality of erections in ED patients with or without oral or intracavernous treatment, without side effects. The improvement effect diminished slightly in the final assessment.”

@vanquish @CursedLemon same here as well. Daily testicle pain from vas deferen on one side, but multiple ultrasounds just showed a small vericocele. I know this is cased by finas, but there’s again no way for us to point to causality unfortunately, even with this test.

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I also had an ultrasound. Actually two:

  • Ultrasound 1 examined blood vessels and did not find anything special.
  • Ultrasound 2 looked at smooth muscle cells and found substantial amount of dead cells.

I am treated by dr Goldstein (see my post here) with ao shockwave to try to create new healthy smooth muscle cells in my penis.