Have you become more resistant to getting sick (colds, flus) since quitting fin?


I dont know about boosting your imune system but ive become allergic or sensitive / intolerant to alot of stuff after i quit propecia.

Prolly has a connection with my low cortisol today. My immune system going beserk with nothing to controle it.

On propecia i got strechmarks on different places on my body wich could be signs of to much cortisol. Wonder if its not those damn adrenals after all :confused:

I still get sick tho When i do takes forever to get well or im not getting well enough to realise i beat the virus :smiley:

Dont think we have superhuman imune system. Certainly dont feel like it!


The people who are saying it boosts immune function are not saying that propecia is a wonderful drug. I think we all know how awful the drug is.

I can see how propecia via increases in estrogen could protect you from getting a cold. Its clearly not everyone, but maybe some people. I haven’t had a flu or a cold since i quit propecia, and ive been exposed to it many times. I have wondered why i haven’t been sick for a long time. I used to get sick all the time while on propecia…

Remember that it is important to consider all effects propecia might have to increase our knowledge of what is going on.


The immune system is also affected by Fin as are my side effects.

  1. If I keep a low profile, eat healthy, exercise, sleep, etc. I no longer get colds/flu.

  2. If I get worn down I get sick immediately.

  3. When I have a severe viral attack in my body, like I’ve had several times include one in the liver, the recovery is marked with a total body and erection recovery. Literally back to 100% or close.

I wish this problem were simpler… :frowning:


I think it could be linked to the fact that many of us probably now eat far more healthily than we once did. That’s definitely true for me. I know I get sick a lot less now, no doubt about it, and my recovery time from colds is incredibly fast. It’s a definite post-fin change. I could be wrong, but I always attributed this to the fact that I now am far healthier than pre-fin, one of the sick positives of having taken this drug.


I absolutely HATE this thread.

Do you really think you are FAR healthy then you were prefin? REALLY? Your sleep is perfect? You have a healthy raging libido? Erections all the time. Those are signs of a HEALTHY body and mind. YOU CANNOT BE FUCKED UP AND BE PERFECTLY HEALTHY. This state doesn’t exist. You are one or the other. This is like the fat girl saying, “I’m perfectly healthy, besides the fact that I’m 300lbs.”

OR, are you just saying you’re more healthy because of your lifestyle choices, and not because of taking this poison?

Excuse my rant…



I think most of the guys on this thread are just stating there may be some connection between the lack of colds and propecia use. I think the majority of us don’t think that this makes us healthier. I think there may be some connection here, but I definitely don’t think there is any overall health benifit caused from propecia.

I just got sick two weeks ago for the first time in about three years.


well said, I too am fed up with this thread. if some body thiks propecia is a health tonic then keep taking it.


I agree that anyone thinking that we got a stronger immune system from this stuff is still suffering an intense form of brain fog.

However there seems to be a correlation between lack of being sick and post-fin syndrome in many sufferers.

Perhaps we should look at the possibility of impaired immune system response?


I suggest reviewing my earlier comments here:

propeciahelp.com/forum/viewt … 0031#20031

I have to say though, I am considering locking this thread.


Thanks Mew.

This is interesting to those of us who have had temporary recoveries after severe immune system responses. Maybe the body realizes it’s in deep trouble and just kicks out a bunch of hormones. I don’t understand enough to comment further…


I have been thinking about this stupid theory for the last 3 days I have been sick,how stupid was this thread.


Worst thread ever.


Thread locked.


So I can’t find my other thread on it so i’m posting here. I’ve had Post Aromatase Inhibitor Syndrome for a year and six months now.

Typically when I was normal, I’d get 2-4 viruses colds etc a year. Just being in he same room of someone with it I would always contract it. Since this condition I have not had anything.

To further my point, 48 hours ago I hung out with a girl who was just beginning to experience symptoms of a upper respiratory infection. Judging by her symtoms is seems that she has a viral infection. She woke up yesterday feeling worse. And woke up today with a full blown sickness. If anyone knows anything about viral infections it’s that the prodromal phase is the most contagious. (I’ve taken microbiology and I’m a nurse so this is not something I made up) That is the stage she was in when we hung out.

Me? I’m completely fine. No symptoms. I know for a fact that I’d be sick but I am showing no symptoms at all. 18 months and not one cold yet? When I used to get up to 5 a year? Come on now.


Since my crash 3 years ago I had ONE single cold. That was 1 year ago when I accidentally injected 500mg T within one week. No change in symptoms.


Come back and tell us after all cdnutz is cured now…


I’ve got a really bad viral infection, with flu like symptoms. My horniness has taken a hit and I haven’t been getting many erections or having much sexual desire. I have been sweating a lot more and randomly I’ve noticed that my sperm quality has improved. I’d say it looks almost normal which has shocked me.


i recently hooked up with a girl who was full blown sick, and was in very close contact with two people who were sick as well. i have yet to get sick. it’s like i’m literally trying and i cant


I know what you mean I didn’t really get a flu or cold in 2016 or 2017, and I was starting to want to get sick with a cold or flu, but to be honest I’m fed up of being ill now that’s its happened.


are you sure what you have is not bacterial? i can still get strep throat lol. but i’ve had nothing viral. i begin working in the hospital in 2 weeks so we’ll see if i acquire anything there