Have Vitamin B12, Zinc and Magnesium supplements helped or worsened anyone's symptoms?

So my Mg and Zinc were on the lower end but within the normal range and I generally want to take these supplements, not in an attempt to battle PFS alone.

Has anyone noticed an improvement/deterioration after consuming these? Thanks a lot.

They worked well for my in my early PFS years in terms of mood, sleep, sharpness, training and muscle mass. Can’t go near them now as they brought a worsening of my symptoms in recent years.

Why do you think that changed out of interest?
To OP, I think Zinc helps the physical symptoms for me ie erection quality, B12 has helped with Anhedonia but only exceptionally mildly

Receptors became is damaged

Sorry to hear that, I thought PFS is kind of a one time hit then it is where it is

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For most it is. I took it on and off for years unaware of the cause of my growing symptom list.

Really sorry to hear that, I hope you’re at least stable now

My B-12 turned out extremely high so taking more was such a bad idea. Having tests proving true deficiency is a whole different story. Zn goes well with Mg.