Have any members been seeing site-related error messages in the past week?

  • Yes
  • No

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These may include the following:

The “extreme load” banner on the top of pages.

A “connection problem” message.

Being forcefully logged-off

A “slow down” message after being logged-off.

If you have been seeing error messages please describe the message and explain what you were doing when they occurred. If possible, what time it occurred and what time-zone are you in.

Thanks for helping with this troubleshooting issue.

I got the first one, I was just looking at threads.

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Thanks Bunny! We were unsure whether this was only happening to mods, or if regular members were getting these errors too.

I thought there was an influx of people cuz corona lol

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Maybe. There’s not much else to do during these times. A good chance for people with this condition to catch-up on forum events. And for those who haven’t, a good chance to take an hour out of their free time to do the survey!

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