Hate my parents they think its all in my head and im making it up

Fucking bastards…im fucking going trough this hell, im enduring this, never asked for help all did by my self…every fucking doctore i’ve been to told me its all fine, fucking bull shit…4 years ago when i started to lose hair i went to doctor told them i took accutane, and they told me you stoped taking it it cant be from that…ok then…my dick got fibrosis plus on head i have tissues changed and it burn…especialy when shower…urologist tald me its noting run the tests for std’s all clear of course its all clear…i didnt fuck of course because of damaged dick…went to pshyhiatrist dude told me…im obssest with this im reading it too much…and told my parents i am healthy i just want to be 100 prosent…what a bullshit, havent slept normaly in a long time and then i smash few staff in the house…and they then tell me im crazy and i need to go to mental institucion…and that im making it up and i dont want to face life ahhahahhahahahahahahah…i told them after all this passing i will shit on everyone, and that i will be the best and i will go to the very top…and they respond is u have complex…do u know how much people told me that im lazy since i have this and shited on me, and being dicks…my perents will pay, they will all fucking pay fucking pice of shits…my dad knows about my ed but still he told me i cant even find a girlfriend and if im gay, but he knows about condition but he still shited on me time and time again… he also hit me couple of times and sad it was my foult for pissing him off… and i hate seeing people and there happy lifes when im here in this hell for 5 years, and i know im better then all of them but just cant do shit about it…btw i had it all hair brain dick gut anhedonia…full blown symptomes…and anhedonia is my mothers foult, had panic attack gave me 4 pills of some shit i never had one before that and instant anhedona my emotions never came back and i told her that and she is of course saying im making it up because she is using them for ever…after that always tired, month after burned troat from gerd 4 monts after dmg tissue on the dick all frome that pills.


I’m very sorry to hear that you are going through this, especially without the support of your parents. For what it’s worth, no one can really understand what this condition is like without going through it, and the fact that it is not well recognized makes it difficult to get support from medical professionals (which then tends to cascade into a lack of support from family/friends). It’s really unfortunate, but this is the way things are for now.

If you would like to talk about things or just vent, please feel free to reach out to me.


It’s good to shout it out. I think you are young.Yours are the real heartbreaking stories.


Thank you so so much man it helps im really feeling low…im thinking is it really worth it all of this, enduring for what… never ending pain

Thank you bro…it is pure hell

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Perhaps you could show your parents our explainer video?

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English is not there first lenguage thats a problem…and what is that video? i had convo with my cousine same shit she wanted to help, my mum told her i was down or what ever, and then i told her whats going on…i got so piced from bs they dont understand what lvl of shit we need to deal with here…then she gave me examlpe how my stituatuon is bad but other people are having it bad too like a woman that cant give birth…sure, but cmon i cant even use my dick since 19, 24 now thats way worse at least that woman can have libido and fuck someone and her thing didnt shrink…for fuck sake those people man…they woudnt survive a week in this

Like many young Victims you let your pain out to your family. It’s really hard for the parents to understand that you are sufferer of a drug siteeffect. They hope that it is only s depression and in a time you will going on with your normal life. They dont want to realize, that their loved child has to live with a long term disease. With sexual, pysiological and mental issues. Although with a chance of recovery!!

The only thing parents believe is in Newspaper Articles. And if there is a TV documentary.

I don’t know in wich country you live and if there are pfs, pssri and pas reported. Or is there any medical authority who can confirm your case. That would your parents and your family help, to accept and understand your situation.

Living total allone with this shit, without a family, parents, friends or a loving partner is much more worse, as living together with a family.

After all, ED destroyed my entire live too my friend!! I would like to have a huge an absolutely deadly tumor in my brain, as the moment a stunning women touches my weak dick staying flavid forever. This is harder than cancer, aids or everything.


yeah, have close relatives in family that are doctors, i havent reached out really, u should just so they confirm one is urologist, so he should confirm my case of fibrosis…but i was embarrest to reach out…but i i wll now. But just think man how frod is there resoning who will waste 5 years of life sitting mostly in the house when u could go anywhere and enything else, and secound that u took it 5 years ago…i mean so what its permament acne cure, that means permament side effects too if u think about it…but they will deny every bit of rational reasoning…my friend got brainfog and depresion from only being on drug for a week.

I don’t know in wich country you live and if there are pfs, pssri and pas reported. Or is there any medical authority who can confirm your case. That would your parents and your family help, to accept and understand your situation. Serbia, not that i know for…doctor that gave me iso sad she took it nothing happened to her and 20 people are taking it at time im taking and they are all good, at times of my checking every month side effects werent that obvious yet, so i keept saying im fine, im unreported case who knows how much more are out there like me

No user here from Czech Republic, Slowakia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belorus, Baltic Staates, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia…so I think, there are so many unreported cases, so much anonymus pfs, pas, pssri, psnri, saw palmetto victins in eastern and south eastern europe and all over asia, africa and south america.

On the other hand these post drug syndromes are very very rare. 20 / 100 / 1000 drug users and only one victim.

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are there very rare, we dont know that

I think in Germany Prof. Dr. Zitzmann and the other specialists count a few hundred cases. Maybe some thousand cases.
The focus to permanent pharma withdrawals increase the last time in public media. Only as a unit of post drug syndromes we have the power for awareness. Staff is doing his best for rising awareness to our situation.

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It may be helpful to share some of the resources we’ve created with your family. Totally up to you of course, but I’ve found it’s been helpful when explaining my condition to friends and family.

As borax said also, please let either of us know if a call would be helpful. We’re here to support.

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thank you to reaching out u and everyone else i’m so thankfull to all of you it trully means so much to me even as we all are just a stranger on the internet, at least there is someone that care even to respond and just says as little as hang in there is really a huge thing when someone is going trough shit…also everyone that wants to talk, im here