Has water fasting alone helped anyone?

Hej guys,
I’m about to do a waterfast. But I’m wondering if it’s worth it.
Did anyone actually become better from a waterfast? Did anyone’s sexual dysfunction even got better from it?


Good question to be asking…

I do recall someone got better swiftly after their second water fast, but don’t remember any more details I’m afraid.

It helped with some of my cognitive sides and insomnia temporarily. Then stopped for a while and restarted. Raised my hgh levels but didn’t notice anything in terms of sexual improvements.

And so the legend continues.

This place is full of “someone said X helped” but there’s very little “this helped me” “and me” “and me”.

This is the bedrock of my skepticism. Unless we find a good number of people (at least half) get an improvement from something, can it be considered as helpful? When so many people report random improvements that last a few days, we need to be more discerning about what might help. Some people are constantly trying something or other. How do we know they didn’t get a random few days respite that coincided with whatever they were trying that week?

This is why we have so many people following the teachings and schemes of charlatans. Desperation X second hand annecdote by one person = “try it, it might work for you”

But I don’t wish to take this off topic so I’ll just say that perhaps those who have been helped personally by water fasting should be the only ones contributing here.

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I personally felt almost perfect mentally after a week-long water fast, but it hardly lasted the full day.

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Having read the entire history of this forum (and a second) I did pay attention to this, and it would appear so for some moderate cases, but certainly not of any statistical significance considering it must be said this has done nothing for many who have tried it. Users have also reported worsening and one had diagnosed malnutrition following this in conjunction with a guru’s plan. I would therefore strongly suggest your doctor is consulted if not already regarding your plans. As @Greek says a lot of these things revolve around myths because people arrive in a panic looking for a therapy and then find the posts via the search function of people saying “xyz is the cure”, which is a natural and unfortunate pattern that will repeat until more is known.

A lot of the limited cases are muddled with other incoherent confounding factors, were more functionally affected patients (as opposed to lasting physiological changes/damage), or improved in a short time frame following the crash. One person who believed his rapid improvement was due to a water fast under supervision and didn’t appear to associate it with anything else was @queg if I recall. You might want to read his story. However, he was a short term sufferer, so it is difficult to abstract it from the only real commonality in the reported cases of improvement for those lucky enough to have that trajectory, which is time. It’s important to note some have improved after a moderate crash fairly continually - one in a few months while even smoking cigarettes, for example. As @Greek mentions often, many find they do improve to a degree with time, so if you’re a somewhat recent sufferer I wouldn’t give up hope for that either.

Personally, I am on the very extreme end and this did not help me in any domain.


Be careful with fasting. When I tried the water fast after the positive comments on the forum, I had low blood sugar for a year until recovery with dizziness, vertigo. I was not able to go out for 2 months because I was feeling like I would collapse.


Water fasting is one of the few interventions that has given me any benefits, so I’d say it’s worth a try. (I did a 10 day fast and also regular intermittent fasting).

I would try a day or two of fasting first and assess how you feel. If it’s helpful, then consider extending it.

Another strategy could be intermittent fasting – the 16/8 protocol or fasting for 24 hours once a week. (I do the 24 hours once a week method).

I should say that this is not a cure by any means, but it could be a stepping stone to feeling better. For me, fasting improved cognitive function and overall energy.


I found it helped with some of my physical sides. I did a 5 day water fast then jumped into a strict keto diet. Lost about 20lbs and have managed to maintain a good physique. I found I had crazy nocturnal erections too.

My libido and erectile quality in my day to day is my major persisting side.

This almost alludes to one of two possibilities:

  1. There are an enormous multitude of different types of PFS where some treatments work for some but not others
  2. There is a placebo effect taking place

How did you know it raised your HGH levels, and does that raise stays forever? Im doing a 2 days fast.

Showed up in blood test

I assume it onky stays elevated while fasting. Its a known hgh increaser

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