Has the community gained any headway with libido?


I’ve been suffering PFS for a few years now. I’ve been trying my best to just live my life and in some ways my symptoms have improved.

The sexual sides still persist though, with libido being the primary issue. My libido has remained at 0%. I’ve tried tribulus, fasting, r-andro, and cabergoline, all to now avail.

Has any new treatments or ideas been identified for these symptoms?


I’m in the same boat myself mate I fully understand your concerns.
I have zero ideas for libido all I can say is that Viagra helps with the physical side to get an errection and maintain it.
It’s a tricky situation especially if you are in a relationship it can get to the point where sex is almost automated as in its always pre arranged.
This is a bitch really as it removes anything spontaneous which in itself can remove some of the passion and excitement.
I’ve tried all sorts in the past even testosterone injections but nothing really helped.

I wish a doctor or someone from the medical world would stumble across this forum and decide to help out before someone kills themselves trying to self remedy their situation.
I see alot of talk concerning all sorts of drugs which really concerns me.


I know man, it is such a weird feeling. It feels like I’m less than human almost. I find dating even hard because there just isn’t that spark that comes from hormones. I hope it truly is something that can be corrected on day and not just permanent damage.


Try supplementing non-iodized salt for a bit. Idk what about it, but it helped me get back that “I love people” feeling. You also have to be able to connect with people. There is this sensation from looking someone directly in the eyes that getting down helped me.

I don’t know if you guys get this, but sometimes when I look into another person’s eyes there is this flicker (eyes dash to the side for a brief second, almost uncontrollably) and cuts off the connection forming with that person. Learning to control this flicker and keep it from happening changed something dramatically in myself. I’m assuming its anxiety, but it wasnt allowing me to connect with others.

Also one last thing. Oxytocin is a bonding hormone. It is stimulated when you bond with another person. You cannot force this to be stimulated, I have tried. In authentically saying I love you or like you or whatever not only doesn’t work to stimulate oxytocin, but it feels disgusting. But anyway, here’s why I am saying this. Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that enables proper socializing. You need it stimulating so you can be running on all cylinders. Both libido and overall halpiness are dramatically affected by this hormone.