Has PFS caused anyone to develop any changes to their sexual preferences?


I understand this might be a bit of an awkward topic but please answer truthfully if possible. I’m also gonna get kinda personal about fetishes in the next paragraph, so just a heads up for that.

I don’t mean just gay, straight, or bi. I mean to include certain propesities towards certain fetishes.

For me my tastes have definitely gotten more depraved, I think there might be a hormonal or neurological link to a leniency toward certain ingrained fetishes.

Pre-PFS: I had more of an primal attraction to stereotypically hot girls. Although there were fetishes they were pretty normal (anal, threesomes), my tastes were pretty much focused around girls that I knew in person; usually slim, hot, pretty; there was also quite a large personality element. All in all I had reasonably healthy tastes.

Post PFS: I recieved an overall reduction in libido, and I actually watch much much less porn than I did when I pre-PFS. When I do get horny it’s usually focused on girls who are NOT stereotypically attractive; chubby (even fat), hairy downstairs, milfy (for lack of a better term). I’m no longer attracted to normal healthy looking girls. I also get gripped by certain fetishes too, almost uncontrollably; like incesty stuff, trans porn, gangbangs, cuckolding.

Basically i’ve become rather depraved.

What’s interesting is when I get on a good regimen that works (temporarily) my libido improves massively when I first get on it and my tastes become even MORE depraved. I’ll jerk off like 5 times in a day over the sickest stuff.

But when things settle in a bit, and i’m feeling more consistent improvements, my tastes actually revert back similar to how they were pre-PFS: I’ll start to prefer hotter, slimmer, healthier looking girls. And the only porn I need is some nude pics.

But then inevitably I build up a tolerance to the regimen and i’m back to square one; feeling like shit, and a medium-low libido with depraved desires.

I know this was a bit of a long-winded post. But can anyone relate?


Weird, I’m still hetero, but I’m more attracted to men.

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Sometimes I just want a blowjob or handjob and have no desire to actually fuck. I’m also horny at the same time. It’s really some AR related bullshit going on in the brain.

Sometimes I prefer huge asses, other times tiny teens. It changes constantly.

Things got very weird when I overdosed on TRT last year and had high estrogen. Then I became pretty submissive, watched femdom porn. Definetly wasn’t happy about this.

But now off TRT I’m stable. No more weird shit. It’s all just PFS and AR not working properly sometimes.

Post PFS I’m generally WAY more dominant than pre PFS. But at the same time I could always crash and become a beta male If I don’t do everything right with my supplements.

It’s fucked up.

Also what I realized since PFS: there is no personality. It’s all just hormones and neurotransmitters that control what you think or do.


Only thing I’ve noticed is that I need some shit with a good back story and some foreplay whereas before I could just start a video where they’re going at it right away. Feels more like how my girlfriend would watch porn

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Reduction in libido can create higher fetishes and more complex desires in order to compansate the old libido.

Its simple, imagine that you have never seen a pornographic website before, when you first see it, you click the first video bumps out on the screen without any preferences.


it sounds very weird but since pfs my desire for latin/exotic girls gone completely. now im really into nordic girls. and very slim girls. this comment is in no way rassistic but its true. i cant explain this to myself but it really happened. completely different sexual taste now. soon after crash porn was like a documentary. i had zero libido. now i have low libido with a favor for nordic looking girls. but my libido now is very girl like. like i have to know the girl to be able to get intimate with her and so on …


Yeah, I used to like brunettes and girls from other races, but now I mainly like white blonde girls. I used to also like being dominant and more extreme examples of that roleplay wise but now I don’t care about that anymore. So fetishes are gone for me.

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Right after finished my third isotretinoin course I had homosexual fantasies, I never had them before. Also the way my “libido” worked changed, the heat would come from the brain, but it felt very different, like I was female. I wouldn’t had problems being bisexual, but I couldn’t achieve erections with girls, and the anxiety and panic attacks were killing me, so I took paroxetine and lamotrigine. Paroxetine basically castrated me, so now I don’t have hetero or homosexual fantasies at all.

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exactly like me :flushed: but how is this possible ? crazy !


Everything is possible with PFS. Last year I suddenly had interest in anal porn videos for 3 days for the first time in my life, even though I hated anal for my whole life.

And I also only like white girls with blue or green eyes. I literally hate brown eyed girls now. But I always preferred blue or green eyed girls so it’s no issue for me.

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wtf i also prefer blue eyed girls now. brown eyed girls give me nothing now :joy: before i hadnt even cared about eye color. its so crazy.


I have had a mix of everything you post, I have felt female for a time after trying progesterone cream and notice men in a way different form, fortunatly it passed away and still my brain/body rejected gay porn when I tested it… seems some part of the mind changed but other not. I agree that when I was worse I had new tastes and new strange sexual behaviours that I never had before. As someone said looking at a nude beatifull girl in porn was enough before pfs.

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