Has anyones head pressure improved over time or with supplements?


My biggest sort of “sides” are head pressure that seems to come and go. Sometimes it seems like it’s brought on by walking or moving. Sometimes working out or eating a salad seems to improve it. The pressure changes locations. Sometimes its above my ears like tight fitting glasses. Sometimes it’s my forehead. Sometimes it feels like its the bridge of my nose. Couple with that is what I would now describe as “mild” insomnia. I wake about 3-5 times a night. Tons of dreams. Seems like not getting deep sleep has made the head pressure worse. Before insomnia came on, I could sleep 6-8 hours and wake up and not have head pressure for the first couple hours of the day. I consider myself lucky in regards to sides as I was on Fin for almost 20 years. I’m about 2.5 months since quiting my last pill. I did not do a member story yet. To hard to put it all down. Maybe after the 3 month mark I’ll try to explain my story. Thanks for any input.



Hi @Shellnyce,

I was also on fin for about around 20y, stopped in august 2017 and after a month or so hell began. I can say that for me after 1y now head pain/pressure and neck stiffness are a lot better. I think that it was time that helped with this.
Gut issues and stress/anxiety problems got worse over time and are still present. Now i am on i diet and try to rstore my gut, hoping this will help. Other syptoms like no libido, depression went away after some months.




Thanks Zodiacs. Currently I dont seem to have any gut problem. I have a bit of anxiety but I can function pretty well for the most part. Just battling insomnia at the moment. If I could get back to normal sleep I would be very happy.



Head pressure is currently my biggest issue in getting to sleep. Still some mild burning on the brain. When I first crashed and I had no head pressure but this has come on in the past few days. I’ve has this in the past but it only seemed to last 24 hours. It does seem to get better when I improve blood flow tends to happen more at night in bed or in the morning. Gingko clears my head but comes with risks. Dark chocolate helps. You can also get raw cacao capsules that might help with blood flow.