Has anyone used accutane(isotretinoin) prior to taking finasteride?

This is just an off the wall question as I’m trying to find a common link between us. Accutane (isotretinoin) supresses DHT and 3adiolG levels. I used it as a teenager but didn’t have any problems. Maybe it’s a cumulative effect after finasteride that’s causing persistent sides.

Never touched any other pharmaceutical before Finasteride, nor did the vast majority of men here. Finasteride alone is responsible for the problems we continue to experience, looking for other scapegoats is probably a futile excercise.

I did. And also had no problems with isotretinoin.

accutane does not affect DHT levels but 3adiolG levels in men as far as I understood from literature. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2965551
indeed it can lead to permanent sexual side effects, though it is ‘just’ a vitamin A derivative - would never expect this. Hell.
since you did not experience any side effects could mean two things:

either the decreased amount of 3adiolg does not matter in regard to sexual dysfunction since you might have experienced this from accutane as well but did not show any side effects.
Or the suppression you experienced was just not so potent compared to fin.
either or, a good thing to contribute is to check 3adiolG - there might be a pattern found.

I never took any other drugs besides finasteride at the time…Finasteride is the sole culprit for my long lasting sexual side effects…

If a doctor tells me again that it’s in my head and that finasteride is a safe drug, I will simply tell them to f*ck off.

Take a look at this link…Very interesting…

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Oh wow, well thank you =) Regarding Androgen Antagonsits, they fall in many catagories. Some are best used for certain genders, but some of these should probably be used for all genders. The most popular ones used orally for the treatment of acne are Accutane (see previous posts), Spironolactone (androgen receptor blocker), Estrogen/BC (increases SHBG to bind free androgens) & it’s questionable when it comes to the prescription specific 5-alpha reductase inhibitors such as Avodart & Proscar.

There’s herbals that can act as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors as well as Saw Palmetto is one of these. If you are concerned about it messing with your thyroid, then you can take the active component, Beta Sitosterol instead. I actually have a list of natural androgen antagonists and I look for that and post it for you later.

In the mean time, as for prescription androgen antagonists, there’s also the indirect ones such as Glucocorticoids & Insulin Sensitizers. Normally glucorticoids (dexamethasone & prednisone) could induce acne, but if you have an adrenal imbalance they will do the opposite & they are also anti-inflammatory too. The Insulin Sensitizers help to either limit the amount of insulin you produce (Metaformin) or enable your body to better utilize insulin (Avandia). Either way, they both work to lower you androgens, free androgens and boost your SHBG levels, thus help reduce/eliminate acne. The same goes for thyroxine hormone for those that are hypothyroid. Hypothyroids also have a reduced level of SHBG due to lacking thyroid hormone. Boost your thyroid hormone & your SHBG will also increase and thus your acne should also be eliminated