Has anyone tried zinc supplementation to ease their symptoms?

Has anyone tried zinc supplementation to ease their symptoms?

Zinc acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor as detailed by Dr Eugeen Shippen. Some men report a slight increase in testicular size while taking zinc and a slight increase in well-being.

Dr Malcolm Carruthers actually shows (Androgen Deficiency in The Adult Male) that there actually binding domains within the androgen receptors specifically to cater for zinc, and a lack of zinc has been known to halt puberty.

All in all zinc can have a mild effect on the sex hormones and a lack of it can cause real problems.

50-100mgs of zinc a day with a trace amount of copper may help one or two men.

This is not a miracle cure and neither is it snake oil, like I say it is just something that may help ease symptoms for some and be worthy of consideration.

I agree with what Hypo-is-here says. I have read of some people’s adverse reactions on these forums after taking zinc, but I discussed this with Dr. Crisler. Dr. Crisler recommended taking zinc too and said people probably took other things in combination with the zinc and they blamed the zinc for their adverse effects. Dr. Crisler recommended 50 mg/day of zinc with 2 mg of copper.

Im one of the people who had bad reactions to zink. I took it only with my vitaminpill which I have taken both before, during and after zink. However, I might be a special case since my estradiol is low/normal and not high as in some guys here.


Some people do have reactions to zinc.

Given this is not some miricle cure but something that just might ease symptoms somewhat, you take it, you see for yourself and then you act accordingly depending how it makes you feel.

One thing to keep in mind is that copper needs to be taken to prevent a copper imbalance, the quantity mentioned is fine.

It is sometimes possible to get zinc with copper trace, but if you can’t get that, it is possible to get copper tablets.

Some may find it is worth a try.

I am the one who did the “Master Cleanse” diet, liquid diet fast. I did it to try to fully flush out and clean my body. I hand juiced fresh organic lemons every morning and made my drink, but before I drank anything I would do a colon flush (its all written in the “Master Cleanse” book) two tspns sea salt in 32 oz. warm water. Anyway, I did it for seven days, I did not eat. I did not make the full ten days. But I did feel very fresh and clean and alive after once I started eating again. I have been eating fresh food now for two days and am hesitant to put any junk or processed food in me now. I am going on a food kick, and food and healthy nutrients and foods will be my best friend.
I just had my first morning wood today.

Anyway, my point being is you should try to eat everything healthy first and foremost. Try to put a lot of attention into your food and what you consume. It runs your body, and over time your body will thnk you for it. Food will be my best friend now. Whole foods as well. And don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to be rich to shop at whole foods, you just have to know what to buy, and how to cook it, and prepare for your day.

ANyway, most good healthy diets have a well rounded sufficient supply of beneficial nutrients, as you all probably know. I look forward now to feeling better, and waking up with more erections!!!

ANyway, I have heard TOO MUCH ZINC can not be good. They say 30mg per day I think is normal, something like that, but 50mg is plenty good. I’ve never heard 100mg. and always thought i heard that was too much.

But anyway, its crazy, I mean I know its only been two days, but I will just not put anything crap in my body now. Unfort I heard it is also not good to drink coffee, so I will have to abstain, but so now I will have to eat fresh and healthy in order to maintain through out the day.

Basicly do whatever you can, take whatever healthy food steps you can get your hands on. there are many different methods and things that worked for people, but I think overall its about making your body as healthy as it can possibly be in order to metabolize efficiently, and repair its damage, and cure.

Anyway, sorry this is so long, and hopefully it is helpful, but again, I think its all about invigorating your body number one, with ALL good foods! Then give it any of the other proposed cures, supplements, and foods that are said to be beneficial for recovery.

ANyway, peace and good luck. Happy recovery. Keep your headz up guys.

How many feel better with zinc?

This is a 16 year old thread. Please look at the dates before responding to threads.

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Zinc is a 5-AR inhibitor.

We are people who’ve already had a bad reaction to 5-AR inhibitors.

Taking another 5-AR inhibitor will probably end badly.

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Because you asked…
I took 50mg zinc for a month last fall to (supposedly) ward off colds and/or Covid. I crashed so hard that I erased 3 years of gains that I have not recovered.
I don’t write here often anymore as a result, I hope you take this message to heart.


Oysters are natures richest source of zinc. I consume lots of oysters periodically, even before sp, sometimes raw but mostly cooked. Never noticed anything notable, neither bad nor good, just neutral. Depending on variety of oysters and age, they contain 16-182 milligrams of zinc per 100 grams (3.5 ounces). I would consume around 12 ounces on average when I indulged. Only saying this for those who may find this interesting or helpful.

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@Taw, Never ate an oyster in my life. Could the zinc effect differ if natural vs. processed? Jim

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I can tell you if I take supplemental zinc (I use liquid form when I do because I hate tablets), anything above 35 milligrams makes me nauseous on am empty stomach. If my stomach is full, I can take 75 milligrams (more than double) without nausea.

I noticed the topic was edited and thought the author returned, but he has not. Probably a moderator action.

@Chi used to eat oysters too.

Hi there, I wanna try beacuse I crashed with
Vitamina b12 not really hard
Vitamina b3 not really hard
Hcg hard crasch
Dhea not really hard

My estro and progestero are high so 10mg x day of zinc maybe help…

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