Has anyone tried metribolone (aka methyltrienolone) with DHT

I have read methyltrienolone in combination with supraphysiological doses of DHT might reverse our condition. Has anyone tried this to rule it out?

Where did you read that? Be careful if what you are posting here there are people willing to jump off a cliff to be cured. The substance you are referring is oral trenbolone and it is extremely toxic to the liver.

I just read it on a body building forum. I’m hurdling towards suicide so if no one else has I’ll give it a shot if it comes to that.

You read what exactly? that this combination can cure pfs?
Man sorry to hear you are feeling this way i propose you exhaust every possible treatment before doing anything stupid. There must be a way, nothing is impossible. Try to restore your receptors activity somehow.

I was feeling like that a year ago. Start a bodybuilding and test boosting herb cycle like CDNUTS, taking the same supplement every day will build a tolerance.

You have idea what is METRIBOLONE ? I think not :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Is undoubtedly the most powerful roids there, is a oral Trenbolone and will not help

Is a very difficult drug to buy, very expensive and powerful side effects

The only steroid that help and advise to use is PROVIRON (Mesterolone), Sust or other Test ester can help but only while using

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Metribolone binds to the androgen receptor at a higher rate than any other androgen. It is also completely non-aromatizing. In studies, it is used as a photoaffinity label for the androgen receptor because it binds at such a high rate to the AR.

Can anybody get their hands on this? I know ihatepropecia took Tren (which is similar) and loved it, but Tren isnt even as potent.

Here is a message I received from somebody explaining it…

did u show JQD that?

Yah, he said he had never heard of it but it is interesting and probably super hard to get a hold of. Someone in Greece or Turkey will probably have more luck imo.

You mean like this? genezameds.com/metribolone-p7057