Has anyone tried hgh

Has anyone tried HGH
I’m not suggesting anyone should but it is one thing that i have not tried myself or noticed anyone else trying.
Would anyone happen to know if this has been tried already.
HGH does seem very relevant to me most of the supplements that people claim to help are actually supplements that stimulate HGH also HIT training really pushes levels up.

Here’s a video how to promote HGH naturally

After googling this ive kinda found my own answer but HGH still looks like it plays a big part of the key to unlock and release people from their symptoms.
The forum member that started this post was a qualified Doctor

Read this thread as well. His emotions were running high and frantic while he was on HGH, however the thread contains some valuable information regarding HGH and TRT (neither of which I would personally try, however I do find the mechanism behind HGH logical). It’s also really hard and expensive to get.

The mechanism seems very interesting to me
Let’s look at the supplements you are using they are basically feeding your body amino acids which in turn stimulates HGH production.
Maybe adding TRT was taking things over the edge creating the emotional frantic feelings.
It would be interesting to know what the outcome Would have been if he just dropped the HRT and left himself running HGH as
HGH stimulates testosterone production by itself.

Here’s some more info on HGH you will see something called CDP - choline … Have you Ever heard of this stuff before im going to look into it as it maybe a cheaper option to stimulating HGH.

Here’s the link its only basic stuff but interestingly it from a prostate / sexual health website.


You seem a very well educated guy and medically minded please let me know your opinions.


Very low energy
Anxiety and or depression
Decrease in sexual function
Low libido lack of interest in sex
Weight increase especially around the waist
Dry thin skin
Elevated triglyceride levels
Fatigue and tiredness
Heart problems
Insulin resistance
Lower tolerance to exercise
High LDL the bad cholesterol
Reduced bone density
Sensitivity to heat and cold

Does this all sound familiar ?
Here’s a link to a study that was carried out nothing too scientific just straight facts


Honestly, I’d be really careful with HGH. A family friend of mine got really, and I mean really f*cked up by hgh. His family doctor perscribed him hgh when he was roughly 13 years old because his growth was dramatically stunted as an adolescent. He ended up developing a severe case of tourettes syndrome which he still endures till this day. If that’s not bad enough, he also developed abnormal dexterities and enlarged features all over his body. His nose, hands, feet, ears all became huge and inproportionate with the rest of his body. I wouldn’t touch it in a million years after seeing what it did to him. That being said I still think the application to finasteride makes sense. Taking supplements promoting hgh production in the pituitary gland through natural means is one thing, but injecting hgh is like synthetically shotgunning your hormones.

Just to bring this topic back to life: Has anyone recently tried it?

I’m trying Mk 677 metformin dhea google this combo

there’s a study showing GH release of 5-8iu on a 56h fasting ib healthy young males

try doing it once a week with if during the week

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This is interesting because everytime i do a bloodtest my GH levels turns out at the lowest end of the reference. Anyone else here has low GH levels? Pls share the results.

I wonder if it is safe to supplement GH or HGH peptides. (I dont even know what they are i just heard.)

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How is your experience with Mk? What was your igf-1 levels?