Has anyone tried Hair Transplant while on PFS/PAS?

Hey people. I have been fighting with PAS for 1 year. I started losing hair slowly 3 years ago. At the beginning of PAS my hair loss stopped due to low DHT i believe. But after two months it started again because my body started producing DHT again. I have genetically male pattern hair loss from my father so it is not about something i get after PAS. So i guess in 2-3 years my hair loss will be reached at maximum.

My question is has anyone tried Hair Transplantation while on PFS/PAS? I think our body and system has changed or damaged. And that transplant case is like a surgery. Can our body handle something like this? I really need some information thanks already.

I’ve done it and the body can handle it. Just make sure the doctor understands you WILL NOT be taking finasteride after the surgery. So the surgeon will have to take into account that your hair will continue to fall out post surgery

Do you get folliculitus?