Has anyone thought about going back on?

I’m having a really tough time with this. Like most of us here, my hair has always been very important to me and one of my only redeeming qualities. Now i’m trying to convince myself to go back on at a lower dose, maybe it’s just all in my head. I have been pretty stressed lately, the sun hasn’t been out in a while here. I’m afraid a lot of this is anxiety based and if I lose all my hair i’ll really be in trouble. Am i the only one with these thoughts?

You have pfs and your concern is your hair? Just get a transplant bro.


You wrote this literally yesterday

Why on earth would you even think about using the drug again. Go and have a read of these two threads posted just today then think again about what you’re asking in this thread

People here have much bigger concerns than their hair. You’ve had an obviously bad reaction to Finasteride, you could make it a lot worse by reexposing yourself to the drug.


I’m not sure i have pfs, my symptoms could all be anxiety based

Dead dick and brain fog is not anxiety symptoms. anxiety can be part of pfs tho. Be wise please and focus on your health instead of your damn hair.


It doesnt matter…You will get PFS someday if you continue using this poison…I was on the drug 3 years, fully functioning, and even hypersexual, and out of nothing i got hit with PFS…Please pleaaaaaaaaase dont use it…Just shave your head, and move on…

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Btw you probably have pfs at this point. Not to sugarcoat things. But if you focus on your health now you might save part of your dick and health.

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Up to you mate, but knowing how the people suffer after getting PFS and keep taking the drug that causes this syndrome, is really irresponsible imo. I am guessing that you don’t take seriously this illness, you haven’t faced the real hell, probably thats why you put your hair on top of everything. I would suggest you, to stop until you still have chance to get away with no PFS, otherwise say bye bye to the normal life, even if you have hair, it will be in no use…


Thank you, you’re right. I think i’ll stay off

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Buy a wig.

If you decide to go back on that will potentially be the last time you will be you again, this condition has destroyed me in so many ways, worried about hair? Try living with muscle wasting brain fog and a dick that doesn’t work and fatigue at age 24. Trust me stay off and don’t worry about it. I’m 2 years in this shit it’s not worth it man I promise you.

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I may have already fucked myself. I went on it last year, quit from sides, felt like crap for awhile and after a few months of thinning i was feeling better and decided to have another go at it. Afraid of quitting again this second time snd having a serious crash

Just wait it out you may get better just don’t use that stuff again man please

If you care abou your hair do much use micro needles and wait for new hair. Solutions to come that don’t have anti androgen prosperities

Micro needles or micro dick

You choose

Since I crashed my hair stopped falling off and I have. A full head of hair

But I wish I could just go bald and reverse it all including time lost

I’d just regrow my hair using some stem cell process they. Come out with this year or next

Looking back in hindsight i think i may have had pfs but i chalked it up to drug use. Around the time i went off finasteride for the first time, i was messing around with amphetamines, benzos, alcohol, cigarettes. I felt like crap for months after, severe anxiety and depression, brain fog tinnitus and headaches. God i can only hope i dont feel like that this time around, because that will make a person suicidal

Starting to freak out because my tinnitus has returned…i cant go back to feeling like this again