Has anyone successfully treated PFS induced subclinical hypothyroidism?

My TSH levels are 6.6 μIU/mL. According to my doctor, thyroid under functioning can lead to libido and erectile issues. While he recommended thyroid medication and emphasized the importance of diet, I’m hesitant to start medication at this time. I’m curious to hear from the community: Has anyone managed to overcome subclinical hypothyroidism without experiencing any side effects?

@Danny007 some background:
I was diagnosed hypothyroid decades ago, it runs in my mom’s family.
I have taken generic synthroid since long before my PFS hit. The meds didn’t ward off my PFS, but I can’t say it made it worse. Not treating your hypothyroidism may aggravate your fatigue, cause weight gain, etc.
I’d take the synthroid (and do daily) and let hypothyroidism be one less worry. Just my humble opinion. Jim

my hypothyroidism has coincided with pfs and I have taken levothyroxine daily without any major problems. Another friend of mine with pfs is taking levothyroxine and t3 with no major problems.

@JimWildman @Huehueh96 As you can see my TSH level(6.6 μIU/mL) is slightly elevated, would you guys suggest to get on meds or from your personal experience can you share any tips to lower it naturally.

My endocrinologist told me if my TSH is high, my T3 will be low. If T3 is low I need meds (generic synthroid).
Maybe get retested before making a decision? Sorry, that’s all I have. (IMHO, the meds haven’t affected my PFS so you should consider taking them. No/low cost with most insurance plans.) Jim

Just got my thyroid tested
Doc says thyroid has issues and I need to supplement T3.

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Just got my thyroid tested and my TSH has come down to 4.41 from 6.6 μIU/mL which is a good progress. I got every test done and all are with in range. Now I can say that my only issues are low libido, mild brain fog and tinnitus.