Has anyone recovered hardness / rigidity 100%?

of all the symptoms i have during brief mini recoveries over the 6 years of this hell they have all returned to 100% at some point (at separate times). i have seen my penis reach full size, i have felt my libido come back, morning woods, spontaneous etc all at one point or another.

the one symptom that has not ever come back to 100% is hardness / rigidity. i have not had a 100% rock solid erection in 6 years. if i could find a way to improve that, i could honestly live a somewhat normal life.

has anyone been able to recover this, please let me know

Zinc helps this but somehow also starting then withdrawing from SJW . It wasn’t ever a massive issue for me though just occasional

what zinc dosage and how often?

also what is SJW?


Zinc is a known 5AR inhibitor, be sure to approach it with caution.

Yes true though for me it helped and has others, I only use 10mg a day or so

SJW is St. John’s wort, it didn’t help me on it I just noticed that change off it. It may well be a coincidence in that case