Has anyone legitimately tried FMT?

There’s a lot of research and reports of improvement of many other disorders. I think I only read one person who had tried but there’s so many factors going into it so I don’t know how good it was. We talk about the gut and what we eat and how it can worsen our symptoms. FMT is the fastest way to alter the microbiome.

Is this a faecal Transplant? @BrongFogBoy tried this.

how do you know that we are all aware what this acronym means?


QuantumFaith(RIP) tried this, with no improvements…


I think this would be well worth trying if decent donor would be found. Anymore experiences to share about this subject?

I am probably going to try this. I have a pretty healthy extrovert friend with strong libido. I will do it for all my food intolerances in the first place. I dont expect it has an impact on pfs. But if so, that would be great.

How would you do it, I mean logistically?

I currently live in Turkey and we have a hospital that does this. But unfortunately I forgot this friend regulary take antibiotics.

Microbioma.org offers tablets. Very expensive. Around 10k€. But since I always had a damaged gut and dysbiosis, I probably will pay the price. I never could fix it with diet.

I dont know yet tbh. I have to contact the hospital in Turkey and ask for details. Normally I live in Germany. So if the hospital thing will not work, ı will travel to Germany and order from microbioma. Since Turkish customs wont let that pass.

Can you give us more details abour your microbiome?

What you mean about my microbiome.

I can tell that after taking finasteride, I became histamine intolerant. As many stated before, I believe that finasteride changes the microbiome. And then the downward spiral starts.

Whatever. I ordered 2 sets of FMT. And will start in January with the treatment. Mainly for my gut issues.

In the meantime I had a 10 day recovery 3 weeks ago. I still feel kind of half recovered but took something (Pregnenolone) that messed me up for couple days. Pregnenolone gives me migraines anxiety and depression. So I would say when the effects of the dose I took pass, I hope I will feel good again.

All I did was starting 100mg riboflavin 6 weeks ago. I feel like this stuff does something. The body needs it for methylation. And our methylation process is broken from fin. It can not harm to try it.

I meant your microbiome test results… the profile

Your gonna do FMT from microbioma?

I dont have a test result. I never got breastfed so I never really had a good microbiome in the first place. So I think this is my chance to get one. Yes I bought from microbioma. Quite expensive. There are people making it DIY but I dont have the knowledge to DIY. And dont have a donor.

Can you give an update here? Did the microbioma pills help? :slight_smile: