Has anyone here tried "The five G's for big erections"?

Something I found on a penis enlargement forum. I would link directly to the thread but I think this site has a policy against linking to other forums so I’ll just try to transcribe some of the info here. Basically the “5 G’s” are:

Gingko biloba standardised 50:1 dose 120 to 240 mg per day.
Green tea capsules dosage between 250 and 600mg per day.
Ginger caps dosage between 500 and 1000 mg per day.
Oderized garlic pills 5-10-mg equivalent to 500mg of garlic clove . Two gel caps per day.
Genseng any kind will do. The oriental variety can raise blood pressure in low dosages but American genseng will not raise blood pressure so im reccomending American Genseng for those who have hypertension. Dosage between 100 and 200mg per day.

The OP of the thread claims “These herbs are designed to increaee DHT levels, testosterone and improve blood flow without raising blood pressure.”

The parts about messing with hormones, especially DHT, have me a little concerned. But if it works it works. And it seems to have worked for some others. The first comment in the thread reads, “helped me get my night wood back, thanks king”, although it doesn’t appear to be a very active account so maybe it’s just a sockpuppet or a shill account. Also, these guys don’t have the same issues we do.

In any case, I’m curious to see if these supplements (collectively or individually) have been a help to any people here.

Grean tea gave me a better libido but unfortunately it kept me awake all night , i took hundreds of capsules of korean ginseng but it did nothing to me (maybe i took the wrong brand )

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I’ve tried all of it, but not in those dosages and not all at once.
Nothing helped, donating the money to the foundation instead of buying those supplements would be a better use of your money.
But hey, maybe you are the lucky 1 in 10.000 and those herbs actually work on you. I mean it sounds very promising when you think about it… ''The 5 big G’s"… WAUW.
With a name like that it’s gotta help right?

ok buddy