Has anyone here tried Rozerem for sleep

I took some last night and it made me sleep. Tough to get up in the morning though.

Try eating a small meal before bed consisting of nuts or wholegrain bread if you can handle these. You might feel more refreshed with food.

My sleep is so bad no changes in how or when I eat help. I try not to eat 2 hours before bedtime so whatever sleep med I’m using works more effectively

The last few days I’ve changed my carb intake around. So breakfast/lunch heavy carbs with protein. Dinner leafy greens with nuts and chicken. Same again only smaller for supper 8pm. By 10:30 I felt really tired, first time in 10 days. Give this a try. I’m only eating uncooked greens. Vit A apparently helps regulate our sleep cycle, so a few drops in the morning might help you prepare for latter. Give yourself several 3 hours before the last meal. I’d avoid anything processed in the evening first then refine elsewhere.

In 4-5 months ago I tried all the different diet stuff… glycince, melatonin, milk, honey, valerian, magnesium, etc… I’m way past any of that making a difference in my sleep. My insomnia is about as bad as it gets.

Does your head feel normal or do you have constant pressure/tightness on top? Have you considered seeing a neurologist?

My head pressure changed… from top of head… to back of head… to side over the hears to now its just a little bit behind the eyes. Mine has improved and is much better… .maybe 80-90%. Thats over the course of 6 months. And my dizzyness has gone away completely so I am hoping that things are healing and thats a sign. I still have some pressure behind the eyes at the end of the day but I think thats due to messed up focus and vision. I have seen several neurologists. I have had an MRI done… nothing found. Whatever causes the pressure is not detectable in a any kind of test or MRI to my knowledge.

Do you think the pressure could be a methylation issue? I’m at the stage of head pressure, ear ringing and of course my favourite, the brain jolts which wake me up as I nod off. When I feel ready to fall asleep my body starts jolting. I’m guessing there’s a process happening in the body when we fall asleep that’s unable to work properly hence the jolting. What about improving blood circulation to the brain? This seems like a win, win if we can get the right treatment. Acupuncture pins in ears apparently helps with this. I’d want something that improves blood flow but also opens up blood vessels.

Have you tried an insomnia clinic?

The brain jolting is probably adrenaline. I think we tend to end up with low cortisol and the body substitutes with adrenaline. As your body is trying to regulate your sleep cycle at night, its supposed to use cortisol to guide you through the cycles. But instead its using adrenaline. I’m not sure its related to head pressure but anything is possible. I can tell you that when I take Klonopin (not that often), my head pressure is better for a couple days. Once I took Klonopin and the head pressure was almost gone for 2 weeks.

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OI totally have this at the moment too!

As I’m nodding off in the stage that’s taking me into sleep I get an adrenaline rush in my chest and it hurts. Like when something pops up to scare you.
Wtf man?
The adrenaline rushes to my hands also sometimes and my hands go numb. That would happen in a panic attack as well but still.
So I guess this is an adrenal problem with this particular issue

I dont think its adrenaline or cortisol at all. I have all those test. Its neurological. I suspect that our GABA is so low that it messes with the receptors in different parts of our bodies. Any GABA agonist I take works for sleep.

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Bumping this

Anyone got any updates pertaining to brain jolts as you nod off?

I don’t get them unless I eat something that aggravates it

I never had these problems during or after fin
Until I crashed hard years and years after only then this shot started bothering me food wise.