Has Anyone here ever used the SARM: S-4 (Andarine)?

Hey everyone,

I am looking for ANYONE with PFS who has experience using this SARM. I know generally SARMs are frowned upon for people dealing with PFS as it can hidner your recovery. I agree with that however this specific sarm is totally different. This sarm is quite possibly one of the least potent among others. It has close to zero steroidal properties. its mainly used for burning fat, building muscle (much less so than other sarms) and increase bone density. This is also known as the most “hair safe” sarm.

So given all that, has anyone here tried it? What did you notice in terms of side effects with regards to your PFS.?

Much appreciated. If no one has any experiences, I will start cycle and report on it myself


Bump, i began a cycle of this.

Hopefully its not a major anti-androgen. I couldnt find much online