Has ANYONE had improvements to their skin?

After my forskolin crash my baseline is the lowest its ever been. My skin is exploded . super super loose all over my body. Has anyine had sny improvement at all? Im so bloated with dangling mushy skin everywhere. Please post even the slightest or even temporary improvement you have experienced

Would trt help?

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@hippydoof sorry to hear this man. If I have small amounts of 5ar foods they can often bring back some integrity even for a short while. Such as a few mussels, a piece of carrot, omega 3 , a glass of white wine. I succumbed to trt out of desperation and everything came back on line within hours humour thinking about women, contexting life, but as always everything fell apart starting with the worst Adrenal pains. I came out of it a few days later but my baseline worsened. For those who continue to deteriorate I think it’s bad news. But fully understand your reasoning, desperation can drive us into even a darker place. Food is less dangerous in terms of an immediate permanent worsening. I’m obviously just talking from my own experience. Good luck mate ure often in my thoughts.