Has anyone had any success with HcG?

I know this topic has likely been covered, but has anyone had any success with HcG? Is it considered to be at least a relatively “safe” intervention, or is it prone to causing crashing, when it fails?

i used it.
2 Months from 300IU every second Day to 1500IU to every third nice.

Nothing changed.

It didn’t do anything for me

Actually, I think it made me worse

ahh no, it did not worse. hcg is “safe”

HCG only works for me after I stop taking it. I feel bad for a week afterwards, then it slowly gets better and for one or two days everything is almost perfect. Then back to the baseline :frowning:

I tried HCG last summer from 250iu 2x a week to 500iu 3x a week and nothing changed. Like the other user here says, I think it may have made things worse. The symptoms I was trying to treat are low libido and ED

Hi there, I am trying to overcome these 2 symptoms and was considering HCG as well. Thanks for your input.

Have you found anything that helped these 2 symptoms? These are my most 2 serious symptoms.

How your blood test looks like before and after treatment?