Has anyone found that fin actually increased their penis size?

I’ve measured my penis before taking fin, but I was never too extensive about it (you can bet that I am now, lol). I think I measured it at around 5.8 inches long and 4.7 inches in girth. However, after quitting fin, I’ve measured the girth at least 5 inches. My penis used to be completely straight, but now it’s curvy on the right side, kinda like a parenthesis. It looks as though some extra tissue has been added to that side (I doubt that that is actually the case, but that’s at least what it looks like). I’ve recently measured my penis at 6.0 inches. I like to think that this is a sign of recovery (I think it might be due to my glans engorging more than it did before [minor edit: this extra engorgement/length has been inconsistent]).

I’ve read recovery stories about how some guys’ penises have returned to their old forms in terms of functionality, shape, and size. I won’t lie, I actually like my new penis size and shape more than my pre-fin one, but if I had to choose between functionality and size then I’d always choose functionality.

So I’m wondering: Am I unique? Has this happened to anyone else? Has the increase in size persisted? Even after other symptoms alleviated?

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There was an older post of a guy who claimed after his crash he notice a 50% increase in size which is crazy but yeah it is very possible if the tissue somehow heals overtime it could have stretched the tissue or something who knows

Yes it happened to me after I crashed but my bigger penis felt like it was dead.

A few years down the line and I’d say its now a bit smaller than it was before I crashed.

Interesting. Do you have any measurements that confirm this?

Well if you are asking about size loss, many people have it here. Myself kinda included, which is why im visiting urology this week and ask for a doppler test… any other tips about tests would appreciated. (My penis looks thinner for a few months now, i just hope this damage is not permanent.)

You are lucky to have this increase… did your bend occured overnight by the way? Or was it a slow process? (I have a little, middle right side bend when erect)

Length is the same, girth I can feel is reduced.

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My girth and length both slightly increased. My girth went from around 4.5 to about 4.75, and my length went from 6.25 to 6.5. I was very shocked too. We seem to be in the small minority of the people whose size is affected who actually GAIN size.

I don’t have measurements but it was way bigger after I crashed but not in a good way because it was like a piece of dead meat and my balls almost disappeared.

Pictures or it didn’t happen

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That’s crazy. Do you have a link to that post? Or at the very least, do you know if he remained active on this site or did he disappear?

If this is true, anyone who’s worried about permanent loss, should take comfort here.

If you can be one size and then bigger post fin, then change can happen after years of being one size.

I’m not entirely sure when the change in shape occurred. I couldn’t get full erections towards the end of my time on fin, for the first few days off of it, and for a couple weeks or so after my crash. I don’t think I noticed any change in shape during those few recovery/pre-crash days. If I had to guess, I’d say it probably changed over the course of the 2 weeks following my crash.

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It’s kinda interesting how we both had an increase in length and girth of about a quarter inch.
Do you mind me asking how long ago you noticed this change, and how your other side effects have been in the mean time?

There was 2 people on that thread claiming they had an increase in size. It’s some older thread I should have screenshot it. If I come across it again I’ll tag you.

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